The Power Cords and Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab

The Power Chords

The Power Cords “Stray Comets”

Los Angeles indie pop/rock band The Power Cords are Jeff Rosenfeld and Ezra Siegel, who split lead vocals throughout the new album Stray Comets. Starting with the bouncy theme “Puppeteering” it’s catchy 90’s alternative rock that’s easy on the ear. “Panic” is even better with a solid ear-worm in the chorus, with heavy power chords that make it clear how the band got its name. And the bands not a one trick pony, as the compositions vary to keep things from getting too predictable.

The sound shifts to new wave pop on “Luxetine Dreams” with sparkling synths and the mellow mid-tempo melody of “Surface of The Moon” conveys the loneliness of space and rejection. And it shifts styles from vintage rock to power pop with great chord shifts on “1982.” It also has a whimsical Oasis-like theme in “Stuck Here Again.” Highly Recommended to fans of The New Pornographers, Weezer, or The Shins.
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Los Breakdowns

Doctor Cosmo’s Tape Lab “Beyond the Silver Sea”

If anyone was to make an audio children’s fantasy I couldn’t think of a more irreverent band with solid 60’s pop style than Doctor Cosmo’s Tape Lab (aka Joe Kane & Stu Kidd). If you liked Harry Nilsson’s The Point! and Yellow Submarine, you’ll find a new favorite here. Starting with narrative by artist Adam Smith in a thick Irish brogue it then opens into the wonderful Crosby Stills and Nash styled harmonies of “City and The Stars.”

The story itself is about a boy named Max in a Sense Factory to make sense of things. The narrative precedes each song, and the story gets more bizarre as it moves forward. But it’s all a vehicle for some great late 60’s pop compositions that resemble bands from The Hollies to The Small Faces to Donovan. With 24 tracks (that’s 12 songs) you’ll have great fun playing “spot the influence” and following Max’s journey into psychedelic bliss. Highly Recommended to lovers of nostalgia and great sixties pop.
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