Celebrate 100 releases by Pop Boomerang Records!

Pop Boomerang

Pop Boomerang Records “PB:100”

One of my favorite labels is Australia’s Pop Boomerang. For their 100th pop release, label head Scotty Thurling commissioned a collection of 32 previously unreleased songs from artists across the entire Pop Boomerang roster. The bands range from pure power pop (The Solicitors), roots rock (Livingstone Daisies) to jangle pop (Four Hours Sleep) and everything in between. Scotty’s even got his own theme done by the classic power pop band Kelly’s Heels. Celebrate this great label with this new compilation. Highlights include:

  • The Killjoys “Marching Out Of Time”
  • The Little Murders “Kings Cross”
  • Four Hours Sleep “ I Don’t Know”
  • Central Rain “What A Day”
  • Tim Reid “In The Dark”
  • D. Rogers “Don’t Smile Til Easter”
  • Love Parade “Inside and Out”
  • The Solicitors “His Robe”
  • Grand Atlantic “Never Say Goodbye”
  • Lazybirds “Slinky Skanky”

And if you want a small sampler of current releases, check out “Up to Our Eyeball In It” for 16 tracks promoting the various bands 2013/2014 output. And its a name-your-price download. It’s all solid gold from down under! Bandcamp only.