Your Gracious Host and Leaders in The Clubhouse

Your Gracious Host

Your Gracious Host “The Writers of Our Destiny”
Your Gracious Host (aka Tom Curless) gives us a concept album about a man dealing with assorted life issues. “Trying to Remember” is both driving and meandering, but “Love Or Fear (pt.2)” is a compelling anthem for the album concept. The musical styles shifts from heavy rock to new wave pop – occasionally within the same song. It works on “Tonight All You Will See” and the second half of “Invisible Girl.” Like a staged rock musical, some transitions are jarring and others mesmerizing.

Tom does hit his stride with the brilliant piano melody “Heart On The Table” with its layered composition and spacey chorus. “If You Have Your Doubts” and “Facing Me” are great songs and the instrumental “Train Passing” is pure magic too. It may take a few listens for this one to grow on you. But trust me it will.

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Leaders in the Clubhouse

Leaders in the Clubhouse “Won”
San Diego duo “Spud” Davenport and Charlie Recksieck (The Bigfellas) formed this band as a musical outlet to highlight their talents and tame a few pet peeves. Starting with the funny and naughty “She Gets Loud,” it’s a catchy piano melody that celebrates sexual addiction and even throws in a wicked guitar break. The style is similar to a mix of Billy Joel, ELO and 10cc, with a casual demeanor and lyrical wit similar to Joe Walsh.

They rant about modern technology (“These Goddamn Devices”) and of course have a baseball related song (“Law Of The Jungle”). My favorite here is “Hater,” with a very explicit chorus that I think everyone will agree with and can easily sing along to. Similar is the rousing anti-politically correct “Trophies” with its dramatic swells and epic finale. It’s just too well made to fall into the novelty music category and deserves to be heard. Kind of like Parry Grip (Nerf Herder) for grown-ups. Highly Recommended.