Friday Freebies: The Foreign Films, Exohxo, The McLovings and The Buzz

The Foreign Films: The amazing talent of Bill Majoros is back! This is a special preview of 6 full songs from the upcoming double album The Record Collector (side 3). The full album should be out soon, but this taste tells me it could reach my top ten list this year. Enjoy!

Exohxo: a funny name but a great sound. Exohxo is a domesticated five-piece chamber rock band from Seattle that spent their their twenties in lets-take-over-the-world touring bands. Now scattered across their thirties with families, jobs, and mortgages, these seemingly well-adjusted and entirely approachable adults appear unwilling to finish growing up if that means surrendering the music and the camaraderie that has always been integral to their happiness.

The McLovings: I guess there are worse names than a character from the movie Superbad who is a nerd, but the man. The guys are from San Sebastián, Spain and the accents are heavy, but so is the rock.

The Buzz: Washington D.C.’s The Buzz sound a little rough, but the bass lead melodies and impressive musicianship keep this band afloat. I liked the anthem-like “Drunk and Cryin” and mid tempo “Pack it in, Girl” showcase this bands classic rock chops.