Texas Never Whispers and Johnny Stanec

Texas Never Whispers

Texas Never Whispers “Texas Never Whispers”

Local Austin TX musical veterans like vocalist Tim Regan (Oh No! Oh My!), Dave Quanbury (Twilight Hotel) and bassist Daniel Wilcox (The Ugly Beats) deliver a mature take on Texas-spun indie rock that compares well with Wilco and Old 97s.  Although the band’s name comes from an old Pavement song, the sound is pure melodic alt. country. The album concept is a reminiscence of a past relationship through several songs.

“Record Shop” is an understated opener that leads to the piano blues on “Be Your Man.” It’s all a slow but still compelling on “Midnight Companion” and the ballad “Nashville.” The tempo picks up with the single “Always Drunk” about a sweetie that’s drunk on “poetry or wine,” and then ups the twang on the melodic “Tennessee Memories,” about the “faded echoes” of the protagonist’s romance. A hint of John Lennon’s piano peeks out from “Generous Gambler” and the wonderful melody on “Friends” is another winner. A really fine album that deserves to be heard.


Johnny Stanec

Johnny Stanec “No Horizon”

Johnny Stanec (First in Space) returns with a confessional, mainly acoustic album that stands in direct contrast to his rock n’ roll band. The easy strum of “Let it Slip Away” grows into a repeatable chorus, and the solid “The Trouble With Spies” recall the late ’90s Toad The Wet Sprocket in spots. This album relies more on Johnny’s confident vocals to carry things, and the production is more stripped down than previous solo efforts.

“Until The Dawn” is one of his better ballads, and the poppiest effort here is the upbeat “Love, Life and The Chances We Missed.” Stanec certainly proves he’s versatile with the poignant “Winter’s Song” and “End of Days.” Give it a try.