Tribute bands: “Not ______, But an Incredible Simulation.”

Tribute bands (cover bands) have been around since Elvis impersonators strolled across the Vegas stage. What starts off as a way for some friends to get together and celebrate the music of their favorite bands by playing their music has become an essential way of keeping that artists memory alive. Its a starting point for many up-and-coming musicians before launching their own careers. Hell, even at age 4, Bruno Mars started as the world’s youngest Elvis impersonator. While a few tribute acts are overzealous fans badly imitating their heroes, select tribute bands have enjoyed considerable fame.  Great examples include Marshall Crenshaw, who played John Lennon and Glen Burtnick who played Paul McCartney in the original Beatlemania.

As original band members pass on, the tribute band is there to keep the music experience fresh. We’ll review a select group of tribute bands in the near future. So stay tuned!