The Bellfuries and The Anderson Council

The Bellfuries

Bellfuries “Workingman’s Bellfuries”

Austin, TX band The Bellfuries are back, and they go way back to the “roots” of power pop by incorporating ‘60s pop melodies with R&B rhythms and soul on their latest album Workingman’s Bellfuries. Vocalist and chief songwriter Joey Simeone chooses not to get hung up on genre categories, but fans of The Everly Brothers, Carl Perkins, or Richie Valens will surely love this music.

Wonderfully produced the band starts with “Loving Arms,” a danceable country shuffle with a sweet hook. The traditional songs like “Bad Seed Sown” benefit from Simeone’s strong vocal and dynamic phrasing. “Make The Mystery No More” has a Phil Spector-like arrangement, using the multi-tracking to deliver great harmonies. “Letter To My Maybe Baby” and “Beaumont Blues” are my favorites here; pure Everly inspired magic. It also includes a great cover of The Beatles “She’s A Woman.” Its no wonder that there are no weak points or filler in this entire album. Highly Recommended!


The Anderson Council

The Anderson Council “Listening Party” EP

Peter Horvath and team had a good idea with Listening Party, as it would feature each of its band members recording an original single and then a favorite cover song. Opening with Christopher Ryan’s “Questions About Animals” it sounds almost nothing like a Council song, and feels heavily influenced by Jason Falkner. More familiar styling is heard on “Almost Anything” and “Yeah,” and they are real good songs too.

As for the covers, they are deep cuts that are not immediately familiar save one. First is a dense, less psychedelic version of The Smoke’s “My Friend Jack” and then the obscure Peter Gabriel song “And Through The Wire.” A cover of Jellyfish’s “Joining A Fan Club” has plenty of raw power and enthusiasm, although Peter strains to sing those high notes. Fans will enjoy this one, so check it out. FYI: The Anderson Council will be a Power Popaholic Fest on September 12th

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