Nick Flora and Miracles of Modern Science

Nick Flora

Nick Flora “Futureboy” EP

Nick Flora is an unsung talent who has been releasing records for years and I’m shocked he fell under my radar. Vocally he sounds like the love child of Peter Gabriel and Beck singing catchy melodic songs with plenty of bite. Starting with a swaggering glam riff and beat Nick makes “The Business of Breaking Hearts” an unrepentant lothario’s theme music.

Next is “It’s All Coming Together,” a slow build to a harmonious chorus that sticks to your brain. “Take it From The Top” has a rock shuffle and guitar sounds mixed with sparse balladry in the lyrics. The plaintive ballad of the title track is akin to Elliot Smith’s double tracked vocals across acoustic guitar and the final track “For The Sake of Conversation” is another winner. I will begin to explore Nick’s back catalog of work, and I have a feeling I will really enjoy it.


Miracles of Modern Science

Miracles of Modern Science “Mean Dreams”

If you are looking for eccentric chamber pop with brainy approach then MOMS may be for you. Formed at Princeton University, this guitar-less quintet stands out with doublebass, mandolin, violin, cello and drums. “Follow Your Heart (Or Something)” approaches the song as part dance track and part anthem for the insecure.

The violins lead “Don’t Feed The Party Animal” is like orchestral B-52s and the finger-plucking “Mothers in Jeans” builds to  a compelling chorus. This pop occupies the same space as Field Music, and fans of that band will enjoy this as well. While the stories are compelling, it strays from the melodic midway through, it remains interesting to listen to. If you’re in an experimental mood – this could float your boat.