Pugwash and Herb Eimerman


Pugwash “Play This Intimately (As If Among Friends)”

Opening with guitar riffs of “Kicking and Screaming” Pugwash is back in familiar form with an impeccable Thomas Walsh melody and its neo psychedelic flourishes. However after that initial rock blast the band puts aside the aggressive tempo to concentrate on more pastoral pop. “Lucky In Every Way” is a catchy ear worm with its “do do do” backing chorus and Walsh ’s influences while similar in tone to XTC leans more toward Jeff Lynne’s softer side for most of the album.

“Just So You Know” has an almost weightless feel with a classic guitar break and an ELO styled chorus that floats away to the bossanova rythym of “Clouds.” The standout ballad “The Fool I Had Become” is a slowly building gem with its looping bass line and its sad chorus. Thankfully we don’t stay in the dumps, “You Could Always” is like a lost Wilburys tune with its chugging honky tonk melody. And the sun really comes out for the Beatlesque “Hung Myself Out To Dry,” it’s got that perfectly Pugwash combination of layered guitars and harmonies. “Silly Love” has a little McCartney DNA built in, recalling both “Uncle Albert” and “Silly Love Songs.” Walsh and crew keep the vibe very relaxed and easy going, even on the spacey final “We Are Everywhere.” A highly recommended album for sure, and perfect for a lazy weekend among old friends.


Herb Eimerman

Herb Eimerman “Five Dimensional Man” EP

Herb Eimerman is no stranger to power pop, influenced by The Beatles and The Byrds he’s been releasing solo albums since the ’90s, worked on The Nerk Twins project with Jeff Murphy of The Shoes and has been a vocalist and bassist for The Britannicas.

On this new EP, Eimerman contrasts manic guitar strumming (similar to Bob Mould) with his understated vocals on “Just Wishful Thinking,” then the familiar Rickenbacker guitar returns on “Live To Tell.” Herb channels Roger McGuinn on the folk-pop of “Believe that I Do,” making it a compelling personal statement. Each song has its own emotional component (dimension) worth exploring. Keep on rockin’ Herb!