Wednesday Mini-Reviews: Mooner, Homer Marrs and Agent 13

I saw the potential in Mooner two years ago as a real talented band. Now my instincts have been rewarded with the first single from Mooner’s debut full-length LP “Masterpiece” Available on vinyl and digital October 9th, 2015 via Aerial Ballet Records. Awesome!

Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure
Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure is a Chicago-based indie rock act that similar to They Might Be Giants but feel a bit goofier – anyway we have a FREE EP download and you can be the judge.

Agent 13
Agent 13 make archetypal rock and roll. It’s classic but its not ‘Classic Rock’, it’s familiar but its not ‘Retro’. But most importantly, its got guitar lead melodies. Kinda reminds me of the The Heartless Devils from several years ago. And for seven bucks you get a big pile o’ music.