International Power Pop: Cola Jet Set, The Seasongs, and Liquid Breakfast

Cola Jet Set

Cola Jet Set “Fin Del Mundo” single

In Madrid, Spain Elefant Records has a lock on girl bands with influences in British sixties sound (The School, Primitives) but Spanish band Cola Jet Set is special in that they get the era perfectly. Fans of The Byrds and Jackie Del Shannon will enjoy it immensely.

Guitarras Y Tambores (last album)

The Seasongs

The Seasongs “Buscando el sol “

The Seasongs were featured a few years ago and they have a new album ready. The band decided to record this album entirely in Spanish (with the exception of “Mr. Porfidus & The Dream Bakers”) and a lighter sound is what makes makes this one different. “Alguna Vez” boasts some nice harmonies and chord shifts, and the late ’60s is still a big influence on “Eres Cruel” and “Sin Ti.”


Liquid Breakfast

Liquid Breakfast “Let it Be 77 Again/Do it No More”

The states aren’t the only place where old rockers come out of retirement. Ronald “Rebel” Welgemoed is a singer/songwriter from The Netherlands who was in several late ’70s bands (Rotjoch, Rebel) but got together with some friends to form Liquid Breakfast.  Check out the new single! Fans of The Stiffs and The Beat may like this one.