Dave Rave and KiDD

Dave Rave

Dave Rave and The Governors “Sweet American Music”

Canadian rock veteran Dave Rave is a consummate professional who has played fifty IPO shows in a row from 2010–2013. His recordings have been both prolific and sporadic, but certainly well worth hunting down. Rave plays good ole rock and roll on “Sweet American Music,” sounding like a mix of The Stones and Material Issue with nice harmonies in the chorus.

The Kinks-like “Always Something There” and “Queen Of The Tambourines” is a shift in tone and tempo. The latter song has little psychedelic touches that dovetails nicely into “Pullman, Washington” with its exceptional guitar solo. “Purple Velvet Valentine” is another tonal shift sounding like Lou Reed, but the jangling chords of “Lindsay” are closer to Rave’s classic R&R sound. “You Take What’s Yours” is another favorite here, with Merseybeat echoes and a strong hook. Overall, this album is full of sonic variety and a highly recommended gem.



KiDD “Hotchpotch”

KiDD is a mix of talent from The Barne Society (a Glasgow collective) including; The Wellgreen, Dr. Cosmo’s Tape Lab, Euros Childs, Linden, and BMX Bandits. Song were written and produced by Stuart Kidd and for Hotchpotch he cherry picked songs from previous albums to make this compilation. The McCartneyesque digital 8-bit melody of “Alfie” floats along and the acoustic lullaby “Little Lucy” keeps things joyfully light.

“Win Or Lose” feature harmonica and melodic hook with a tambourine beat. The lazy shuffle of “Please Say You’ll Stay” and “Breathe in The Country” make this perfect summer music, with harmonies that recall The Beach Boys Smiley Smile album. The atmospheric tempo slows down even more, and get progressively more psychedelic and folky on “Waiting For Springtime,” but overall this is fine collection of tunes. Limited edition cassettes on Bandcamp.