The Steve Deaton Three and Kevin Martin

The Steve Deaton Three

The Steve Deaton Three “The Steve Deaton Three”

Mississippi rocker Steve Deaton (formerly of Buffalo Nickel) is joined by bass (Adam Perry), drums (Denny Burkes) to form The Steve Deaton Three. The chiming guitar chorus of “Duke of High School” is about a legendary burnout who everyone knows. The sound is very much like The Raspberries and Cheap Trick, done in a tight 70’s FM style. Next “Watching You Drown” has a great chord structure, sleigh bells, and that sweet jangling strum.

A harder fuzz is found on “Beautiful Believers” about a Christian rock band. You hear some Southern influences on “The Big Cheese” which recall ZZ Top and Rick Derringer, who gets his own tribute here (“Derringer Lays It Down”). Even twanging country rock comes up on “Peroxide Blonde in a Hopped Up Model Ford.” This is a band that understands the need more cowbell and makes its debut a ton of fun. “If you were listening to the radio in 1978, this record will make sense to you,” says Deaton. A faithful cover of the Nazz classic “Open My Eyes” rounds out this highly recommended album!

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Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin “Future Friends ”

San Diego singer-songwriter Kevin Martin moves away from the classic power pop influences of his debut Throwback Pop for his second album. But he does move forward in time. “Julia” is a ’80s styled pop extravaganza with deep synths and beats, it continues with “Loaded Gun” sure to appeal to fans of Ah-Ha, Level 42 and The Fixx. Thankfully, it isn’t stuck in the ’80s for long.

“Not Gonna Let You Go” comes a little closer to the piano pop from his debut, with its classical flourishes recalling Elton John. “The Unknown” throws in more style, a little bit like Queen or The Fratellis and its a big standout. “Diamonds” starts with a waltz but shifts to a hook filled chorus and boasts a terrific guitar coda.”Goodbye” is a gorgeous piano ballad supported by strings, and makes a solid closer. There are plenty of quality songs here, richly produced and worth adding to your playlist. Definitely Recommended.

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