Tributes: The Bee Gees and Syd Barrett

Bee Gees Tribute

“To Love The Bee Gees”

Some tribute albums stay faithful to the sound of the artist, others go in the opposite direction and try to make something new out of an artists original composition. This tribute is definitely the latter, as assorted artists take on the Brothers Gibb. What you end up with is a mixed bag, from the very good “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart” by Emmitt Rhodes, to the very bad “How Deep Is Your Love” by Isobel Campbell.

Some good highlights include a gospel version of “To Love Somebody” by Elayna Boynton and heartfelt “Massachusetts” by Dylan Gardener. I liked the obscure hits like The Boy Joys doing “Cucumber Castle” but Martin Carr’s version of “Stayin’ Alive” is nearly unrecognizable. A Deluxe edition contains a separate disc with various re-mixes.


Seance at Syd's

“A Seance at Syd’s”

A Séance at Syd’s is an Anthology of Modern Acid-Folk-Haunt-Psych-Prog-Space-Kraut-Radiophonic-Rock, as done by some of the best in the pysche-pop genre and the musical companion to a limited edition hardcover book. It concentrates less of the commercial aspects of the former Pink Floyd band leader, so you won’t exactly hear a cover of “See Emily Play,” but you will hear some pretty trippy stuff that’s just gorgeous. Check out the first 2 songs; “Arthropoda Lepidoptra” by The Luck of Eden Hall or “You Got Me Going” by Stay for a taste. The quality of the music is undeniably first rate, and most of it successfully balances melody and stream of consciousness psychedelic rhythms.

Fans of Pink Floyd will enjoy some of the overtones on tracks like “Crowbaby” or the atmospheric “Chonyid.” It may seem quite pricey, but you certainly get a lot of music (40 tracks worth). It’s definitely a gift for that buddy who never left the groovy sixties behind.