Tuesday Freebies: Hector and The Leaves, Matt Duncan, Vista Blue

Hector and The Leaves – Some nice mellow tunes from Tom Hector, and he really does wonders with Matt Williams (The Brigadier) production help. Check out the sweet harmonies on “Loved By You” and “Good Times.” Classic influences here from The Beach Boys to The Beatles. Highly Reccomended!

Matt Duncan came out with this last September and I finally got around to checking it out. If you like 70’s styled pop along the lines of Bread or Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds you should give it chance. Gotta love that soft rock vibe on “Tell You What I Know” and “Waking Up.”

Unlike a forgotten fruitcake, you’re sometimes happily surprised to find a holiday gift you didn’t unwrap in December. Vista Blue is a band that combines 60s surf strums, guitar fuzz chords and singalong melodies that recall the Beach Boys, Ramones, and Weezer. They’ve got four Baseball themed EPs and each one is a FREE download. Check it out!