Weekend Freebies: Nato Coles and Static In Verona

Both these albums are available for a “Name-your-own-price” and fit proudly in my collection. You could also give the artists a little money and get these great power pop/rock LPs, perfect for a snowbound weekend!

Nato Coles

Nato Coles “Promises To Deliver”

Nato Coles LP isn’t new, but to me it was and I was super impressed by the talent of the man and his Blue Diamond Band. If Meatloaf played power pop it would sound just like the opener “See Some Lights.” Coles songs are anthems to the unsung – like the catchy “Julie (Hang Out A Little Longer)” is a blue collar rocker on par with Springsteen or Bob Seger.

Elements of country guitar and barroom rock are the primary style and done very well, from the driving odes to his van “Econoline” and the road in “Rudes and Cheaps.” Another standout is “The True Blue Rocker” a catchy anthem reminiscent of the Allman Brothers “Ramblin’ Man.” No filler here and absolutely highly recommended rock and roll.

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Static In Verona

Static In Verona “Odd Anthem”

Chicago band Static in Verona (aka Rob Merz) has certainly changed over the years, and Odd Anthem is a solid addition to their catalog, but now they bring the high gloss synths to their indie pop productions. This doesn’t always make things better, as it tends to drown the magic of the harmonies in white noise. “Heavy Hands” is an excellent catchy song that could’ve used a lighter touch.

Some songs have a Coldplay-type of feel like “Future Ghosts” and “Shudder to Think,” with dramatic flourish in each chorus. It does have some successful experiments like “Wait, Wait” and “Then A Hush” with its unique percussive structure. “Forgetful” is my favorite song, with its upbeat chorus and successful blend of synths and bass guitar. I would’ve loved to hear the demos for this album. Some have added this LP to best-of lists, so its definitely worth repeat listens.

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