EP Reviews: The Foreign Films, Family Values, Skai, and The Harmalators

Bill Majoros (aka The Foreign Films) continues his journey through his “Record Collector” project. Each “side” is released one at a time, like scenes from a film that will eventually tell the entire story. And its available as a “name-your-price” download. This is volume 4 of 6 and it explores songwriting shaped by the late 1970s and early ’80s. You’ll definitely hear a lot of Bowie influence on this one, check out “Falling Like A Star” and the glam-ballad “Time Disappears.”

Check it out here.

Family Values have been in the studio together with the Norwegian power pop legend Tomas Dahl (Caddy) and the result is the band’s second EP “Time Stands Still”, inspired by bands such as Teenage Fanclub, Go Betweens and Big Star. If you like summery jangle, this EP does the trick. They will be touring with The Posies in Oslo, Norway this April.


Skai “Diskaises” – Born in New York and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey, SKai is a new pop talent that seems to do everything from alternative rock to dance pop, and everything in-between. SKai’s main influences are Chris Daughtry, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz and Train. While I wasn’t thrilled with everything here, “Heart Attack” had a power pop like swagger and a catchy chorus. Check it out.


The Harmalators “Greater Things” – From Santa Rosa, California the twin brothers Marlon Kay (bass guitar) and Norman Kay (lead guitar, keyboards) have returned with a new import EP from Japan. The title track is punctuated by a big beat and trumpets in the chorus. The band still has classic pop influences (Beach Boys, America) as “Today, Tomorrow and Yesterday” has a nice chord structure. Unfortunately the production and mixing sounds more like a live recording than a studio take, but still give it a listen.

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