Tuesday Tidbits: The Ritz Club, The Co – Op Communique and Red Cabin

Another highly impressive group of artists that bring you music at a name-your-price point. I used to promote and tag these as “Free Downloads” but I think the artist would appreciate if you threw a few bucks their way. After all — we want them to know you value their music, and I want to encourage them to make more.

The Ritz Club 
Chicago-based Ritz Club is the work of three brothers–Sean, Ryan and Kevin Jacobi. This unusual pop experiment works really well, and reminds me of The Beta Band in spots. The synth in “Walk Away” borrows a bit from Pink Floyd, and “Fake Laughs” is a real stunner with soaring vocals above a bed of guitars. Highly Recommended!  

The Co – Op Communique Volume One
Musician DW Dunphy has compiled a selection of music from up and coming artists, including himself. Like a box of chocolates, you’ll find several chewy goodies like The Click Beatles and the dramatic rock stylings of The Gamble. Only a few tracks here are power pop, it gets into moody indie rock and some experimental pop. Mike Indest and Jeff Elbel were surprisingly good here, so pick it up now! 

Long Island Musician Jonathan Foster (aka Red Cabin) has been busy this year, releasing two albums so far. Red Cabin has tracks of dramatic pop with an ‘80s vibe in spots and some nice harmonies. The catchy “The Darkest Relief” starts out this collection of songs, other highlights include “I Want To” and “I Can’t Wait.” White Morning is bit more upbeat, and more polished in placed. “Stuck” is a little like Weezer. “Juliet” has a nice bounce and standout composition. The “Warm Reception” and the title track recall Zumpano (and that band soon evolved into The New Pornographers.) Foster has real talent, and you can get both albums at a name-your-price point.