International Pop Overthrow Vol. 19

IPO vol. 19

Although I’ve been reviewing IPO compilations since this blog has been active, this collection is the one of most eclectic I’ve heard in a long time. The breadth of artists here cannot be overstated, and the music really can’t be stuffed into a narrow genre anymore. Also, these 65 tracks appears more balanced than in the past, so there isn’t a “favored” disc out of the three.

Disc 1: Right away the man David Bash himself gets a tribute, “Bash” by The Tearaways. Another gem is “Remake The Stalls” by Cartoon Spirits, and the legendary Ron Dante appears with a Reggae beat on “Skills.” Some retro sounding tracks include “Shake It Out” by Starfire Band channeling The Who, and Hailee Rose and Dave Rave deliver a sweet Motown styled duet on “So Invisible.”

Disc 2: Always enjoyed Zach Jones Rundgrenesque “Everything’s Fine,” and its hard to match the amazing Greg Ieronimo on “Best Day Of Our Life.” I also loved the danceable mantra of “You’re Never Gonna Have Enough Money” by The Black Lemons. The plaintive mid-tempo ballad “All in This Together” by The Hard Way is another melodic and catchy gem. Lighter jangle is part of Hummingbird Syndicate’s “Waterfall Away” and Trip Wire’s “Winter Song.”

Disc 3: Starts out with quirky pop of New Man’s “Maybe I’m Feeling Fine and Jordan Andrew Jefferson’s “White Light.” The romantic “Linda’s A Maybe” by Dave Birk, is an funny ode to the girl who you wish would come to the party. The wild punk melody of “I’m Free” from The Forty Nineteens is a great party anthem, and the Beatlesque “Mohammed On Top Of The Mountain” is a gem from Butch Young. The reverbing bass guitar from The Dives “On The Spot” and Marston’s “These Blues” both make a psychedelic impression.

Overall a great value (as always) and a showcase for the ever expanding array of pop artists that fit under the IPO tent. Highly Recommended!

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I was present for IPO New York at Bar Matchless, Brooklyn — Mike Daly & The Planets were introduced by my buddy Dave “The Boogieman” here. It was a great show with lots of local and international artists, and unfortunately due to illness the festival CEO David Bash couldn’t attend live. He need not worry as the artists came through for him and played to an enthusiastic audience!