Guilt by Association and Bongo Boy Records

Guilt By Association

Various Artists “Guilt by Association 4”

On 11L Radio NY International they had a special show on a pivotal year in music — 1966. I don’t often listen to cover complications, but this was a an exceptional collection. It starts with Chris Collingwood and Potty Mouth doing a faithful version of  The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Summer In The City.” The artists don’t wildly go off style on the songs, but each artist is able to stand out. Lucy Woodward brings a garage feel to The Yardbirds “Shape of Things,” and Mike Viola adds synths and echo to make “You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me” his own haunting soundtrack. About half the tracks are ballads and they also picked two Beatles songs and a Monkees tune (“Sweet Young Thing.”) Highly Recommended.


Bongo Boy Records

Bongo Boy Records “Out of the Garage, Vol. 2”

We reviewed Volume 1, but didn’t get to this compilation until recently. A few of those Bongo Boy artists are back, starting with the ageless Mark Lindsay on the rocking “Show Me The Love,” and the wild cover of “Boys” by Cheap Perfume. The funny, catchy  “Kill A Clown (No, Not Really)” by Mike Daly & The Planets makes a perfect soundtrack to this old movie. Highlights include Mia Moravis “A Spy For Love” and The Accelerators do their best Ramones imitation on “Sun Surf and Sand.” Check out this newest collection of tunes!