Twelve String High and One Way Ticket

Twelve String High

Assorted Artists “Twelve String High”

There are few instruments that have a more recognizable sound and evoke the heyday of folk rock more than the 12 string guitar. Its the primary “jangle” in jangle pop and the Rickenbacker 12 string has the distinct riffs that made The Byrds music legends. This compilation by You are The Cosmos label is chockfull of 23 jangling tunes.

The wide variety of artists and 12-string styles are different enough to prevent predictability in the playlist. Standouts include Erik Voeks (“She Loved Her Jangle Pop,”) The Jangle Band (“Love You Too,”)The Sensitive Drunks (“There She Goes,”) and The Bellowers (“She Reappears.”) And there is no filler here, making this another highly recommended collection for jangle and power pop fans.

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Twelve String High

One Way Ticket “And Life Just Simply Moves Along”

Recently finishing a tour with Paul Collins, this French power pop band from Besançon has a combination of late 80’s influences; The Jam, Buzzcocks, and of course, The Beat. Most of these songs started as singles, but are now compiled to form the debut LP.

This was also out late in 2016, but worth exploring as the dramatic energy on the opener “In The Upper World” demands attention with its forceful riffs. The follow-up “All Change” has a bigger hook and a great jangling rhythm. Although the lead singer’s accent is thick, they don’t distract from the music as the mix favors the rhythm and lead guitars. “Miss Grievous” and “Beside You” are solid gems with plenty of swagger. You will definitely want to check this band out.

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