Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers and Brian Jay Cline

Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers

Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers “Call Them Brothers”

The music slowly fades in on “Where The Wild Flowers Grow Fondly,” the layers of bass, guitar and vocals build as Oliveri’s approach is a little like a shoegazer Echo & The Bunnymen where the mood sinks in across the steady rhythm and buzzing drone. Next the big single “Sky Candy Apple” is a nod to Husker Du, although the catchy chorus and crackling textures make this a winner.

The next several tracks are more soundscapes with Oliveri’s subtle emotions interrupted by solo guitar distortions (“Ohio” is a good example).“Through The Leaves” is a romantic folk-pop gem that’s a memorable standout, so if you seek a mix of the accessible and abstract Call Them Brothers may float your boat.


Brian Jay Cline

Brian Jay Cline “Writer’s Block”

One of the most underrated artists I can think of, Brian Jay Cline can seamlessly move from power pop to country, rock, folk and back again. This is easily the most well-rounded release by BJC. “Bomb Threats” is a solid hook-filled rock and roll melody, “Buy This Car” sounds a lot like Paul Westerberg, all about buying a used car with a rock swagger like no one else.

“Fire In The House” gleefully recreates classic 50’s rockabilly and then he slides into the sweet pop of “Paula Part Time,” recalling classic Elvis Costello. No filler throughout this release, with plenty of highlights. There is also the expected steel pedal and twangy guitar on “Stranger Than Fiction” and “The Heartbreak Moon.” Highly Recommended.

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