Saturday Singles: Nezrok, Jared Lekites, Tommy Lorente

Nezrok “Andy Please”
The short story: At a New Jersey Record Show guitarist Chris Korzen found a cassette of what he thought were previously unheard Big Star songs. The music was actually written by a friend of the band – Van Duren. Van had been doing some writing with Jody Stephens, and in 1975, recorded these demos with legendary producer Andrew Loog Oldham. Chris connected with Van and long-time friend Chris Bolger, who suggested recording one of the songs “Andy, Please.” They were joined by keyboardist Dave Amels, guitarist Joe Howell and Smithereen’s drummer Dennis Diken. An amazing lost piece of Big Star history is now available.

Jared Lekites “Freebird” 
Jared Lekites is dropping the last of his solo tracks while he gears up with this band on the next Lunar Laugh album. “Freebird” is another catchy tune with sweet rhythm. This is followed by a trio of not-so-obvious covers, including Paul McCartney’s “Temporary Secretary,” the Beach Boys “I’d Love Just Once To See You”  and Coke Belda‘s “Hold Me Tight.” A great find here.

Tommy Lorente “Sexe Luxe Etc.”
The coolest power pop artist in France, Tommy Lorente is back. As he readies his sophomore album, listen to this new single “Sex Luxe Etc.,” and this is how you do power pop in French – roughly translated as “She loves me no doubt, a little more than you.” Looking forward to the new album, this track is a FREE download.