Cirrone  Cirrone

Being a newly named band, how did you all meet up?
MC: Being three brothers, we started playing since we were kids at home in front our parents, then we called a friend on drums and we had our first gig. Since then we have never stopped playing! Our first live appearance was for a school contest in a theatre. We were really young… Mirko was 12 years old and the guitar was bigger than him! At the time we were playing covers, like Beatles, Stones, rock’n’roll stuff and some blues standards. We remeber that the guy who was drawing the advert for the gig, decided to do it with the alphabetic order, so we were looking for a name with an “A” to be first in the list… that’s why at the time we choose “Apple Scruffs"(which also is a George Harrison song)! We have also been on radio and tv many times. Apple Scruffs also won a national competition for demo songs held by RAI (italian national radio tv) and our song “Your Eyes Are Wide Open” which is now on our album, was chosen among thousands of bands. Moreover we’ ve been broadcasted by national radio programmes and interviews dedicated to our band during the years…

The Apple Scruffs had a good name and reputation. Why change the band name? 
MC: Yes you’re right, as Apple Scruffs we did hundreds of concerts, sold out shows in theatres and many good things. But one day we looked at each other and said: ok, this one will be our record, our music, our lyrics… what better  name than CIRRONE? That’s why in the front cover you see the three of us taking a self shot in front of a mirror. We would like to spread our own identity… we hope we could! (My obvious guess here is that "Apple Scruffs" was too Beatles-sounding, and the guys wanted to break free from that a bit. )

We obviously hear lots of great Lennon McCartney influences here but other than them tell us 3 musical heroes and what makes them special to you?
MC: Heroes?… Bowie of course! He’s one of the best artists of 70s, 80s, and 90s. Then we’d choose Freddie Mercury..incredible melodist/artist/performer! A contemporary artist we admire is Damon Albarn, a very talented and clever composer.

What do you find works best for your creative process when bringing a song together? Does it evolve from jams, riffs or lyrics?
MC: Rarely does it evolve from riffs or jams. Very often it is an introspective process, everybody write his own tune on his own, it could be a guitar or a piano song (even if some of the songs are created by mixing three melodies by the three of us). After that, the one who writes the melody (as well as with some rough lyrics) introduces it to the band, then we decide if it could be a good track and we start to work on it. In the album, the one who writes the song also sings the lead vocal, so basically we sing 3/4 tracks each. In every tune the other two sing backing vocals so we can say that the album is divided by three,

So far what has been the reception to Cirrone?
MC: We are really happy and sometimes surprised ‘couse even if it has been released for a couple of weeks, we have already received many reviews, requests from distribution labels, festivals and so on… so things seems to works out! But the most important thing is that our fans seem to appreciate the album

Have you been playing live to support the album so far?
MC: We have tested the new songs in New York City some months ago during a small club tour and it was enthusiastically welcomed by the audience. We plan to tour wherever people want us, and the next stop for the band is a good video and world wide distribution.

Thanks for the interview, Mirko!


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