Sick Of Sarah

  Sick Of Sarah

Being a new band, how did you all meet up?
JF: Abisha, Jessie and Katie met through friends and are three of the original members. I was playing in my own band who had a show with SOS. When they wanted to move Jessie to guitar they asked me to join on bass. Later on our drummer decided to move to New York City we looked to Jessica (Jugs) who we had played a show with in Des Moines to come try out. Here we are!

I read that the "Sarah" that the band’s named after was Abisha’s ex-roommate – how and why did you name the band after her and does she know a band is named after her? 
JF: Yes that is correct and she does know she is the namesake. I don’t think she really cares! ha. .

Tell me about the recording of "2205" – who writes the music and how do you pick what gets in?
JF: The band has changed a lot simply because we have two members that weren’t in the band in the beginning that have different influences. The band has also grown a lot with touring. I definitely think touring makes any band better. You have to learn to be extremely flexible and cope in all circumstances. It isn’t safe and that is the fun part about it. It keeps you on your toes.

Tell me about three of your musical heroes and what makes them so special to you.
JF: My Dad and my brother because they are the reason I play and I really appreciate everything they have shown me. There are so many amazing musicians it’s hard to choose but I definitely look up to Woody Guthrie. He wrote some amazing lyrics.

Any good stories from your latest tour? What impressed you the most and what embarrassed you the most?
JF: This tour (we are currently in Portland, OR) has been really great. We have had a lot more people out at our shows. Our first night in Vegas I managed to lock Jessie and I out of the hotel room and neither one of us had our phones. It was a suite and no one could hear us knocking so we had to throw rocks at the window. Yes, people do still do that. And then I left my wallet in the hallway at the Hilton. Some returned it with all of the cash still in it. I left Vegas with money. That’s a highlight right? Oh and I got my 2205 tattoo. It’s my first tattoo but I already want another one!!! I don’t think I’m answering your questions. I apologize but I don’t even know what day it is. =). What embarrasses us? Probably nothing, and that could be considered impressive!!!!!

Thanks for the interview, Jessica!

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