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The Dashing Suns

Tell me a bit about the album "Really Like You" and if the process making it was any different from your earlier EP?
DS: Yeah! The album took much longer than the EP.  We recorded the EP in our practice space over two days on our wobbly 16 track machine.  Then, when we got to our album, we tried to do the same thing and it didn’t work.  So we decided to record some songs at a real studio and some other songs in bedrooms and whatnot.  We had a chance to add more layers and trinkets to the songs which changed some of them from what we had originally.  At the last minute we canned a couple of songs and recorded new ones back on our wobbly 16 track.  We had a lot of technical difficulties I guess you could say.  

Tell us three of your musical heroes and what makes them so special to you? 
DS: Number 1:  We like Nirvana because we all grew up listening to them but we’re are not about to shoot our faces off. Number 2:  We like Wire because they can have a 28 second pop song. Number 3:  We like My Bloody Valentine because their guitars sound cool and the singing doesn’t matter much. Number 4:  We also like all the obvious bands and references that you would expect.

The songs all have great beat and garage-style energy, tell me about "Sally Moore" and what inspired it?
DS: Jeff found a book at a junk store titled "Songs for Retarded Children".  It was a traditional song with the same title that we adapted.  It’s true!

Can you tell me any good stories about touring and playing in clubs to support the music?
DS: We hung out and smoked blunts with the GZA one night at SXSW.  He got us into all the cool parties.  Hi GZA!   Then the next day Matt threw up in his mouth while singing and a 12 year old boy asked for our autographs.  What a great 24 hours. 

Most embarrassing moment on stage?
DS: Kevin had a minor health crisis on stage in Alburquerque New Mexico and threw a fit of cuss words after every song.  He was not a happy drummer.

Who writes most of the songs and is the band vibe a democracy or dictatorship?
DS: Jeff comes in with a few chords of a song, we listen, we add, we take away, we conquer, we drink, we take away again, and put back in.  If it sounds like a Dashing Sun’s song we keep it, if not, we put it away to work on later.  Since we all come from different musical backgrounds everyone contributes their own style to the sound and vibe.  We don’t get into politics too much.

The Dashing Sun’s favorite video game is ____ ?
DS: Bejewelled Blitz 2.

What’s next for you? Will the band be playing at any upcoming music festivals?
DS: We are going across the United States of America starting August 21st in support of our upcoming album "Really Like You" out August 24th.  Check our site for dates!  Please come and buy our shirts and albums.  Or say hi and buy us a beer.  Or let us stay at your house..

Thanks for the interview, I can’t wait to hear the next project from the band! Good Luck on tour, guys!

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