Whatever happened to The Rosenbergs? David Fagin Tells His Story.

One of the hottest bands of 2001 were The Rosenbergs. They personified power pop at the turn of the new millennium, with a hard rock catchy sound that compared well to Cheap Trick. To say they had an intransigent relationship toward the music business is an understatement. They refused to give in to draconian terms record labels offered and paved the way for artist independence and integrity. This was when major labels still had all the power and it was rare to see any up and coming musician reject and defy them. The bands discography is short, but essential: Ameripop (before they were signed in 1999), Mission You (2001) and Department Store Girl (2004)

Read the bands history and what happened to them here in this Powerpopaholic exclusive interview with lead guitarist and vocalist David Fagin.


The Power Popaholic Interview: Stephen Butler of Smash Palace

I was lucky to get an interview with Stephen Butler of The Smash Palace. We talked about the new release “Some Kind of Magic” and please ignore my ignorance about the order of album releases, as I was pointed out that “Extended Play” and “Live at The Auction House” came out before the last full LP “Do It Again”. We’ve been covering Smash Palace for years and we hope they continue to make great music.

The Power Popaholic Interview: Led Zeppelin 2

Photo by Barry Brechiesen

Where do you go to experience your favorite classic rock band once they’ve broken up? You get yourself to a tribute show and soak in the live sounds of a cover band that can do the original group justice. In concert, Led Zeppelin 2 delivers authentic renditions of classic Zeppelin material, as well as recreating the live improvisation & onstage dynamics that earned Led Zeppelin their legendary status for performing, even satisfying diehard Zep fans. I got to chat with drummer Ian Lee, read the interview here!

Led Zeppelin 2 will be performing in Wantagh, NY on Thursday, August 6 at the Nikon Theater at Jones Beach and in Holmdel, NJ on Sunday, August 16 at the PNC Bank Arts Center. More info at http://www.ledzeppelin2.com/