The New Trocaderos and Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms

The New Trocaderos

The New Trocaderos “Frenzy in The Hips” EP

Formed last year, The New Trocaderos are a mini supergroup consisting of Geoffrey Palmer and Brad Marino of The Connection, and Kurt Baker. They released a few singles and an EP (or two) late in 2014. Well if you missed any of these hook-filled songs I’ve got some good news. Kook Kat Musik is distributing a compilation of these singles under the 6 song EP “Frenzy In The Hips.” The music is hard charging pop that’s rooted in the British Invasion and garage rock style. Each single is compelling, but my favorites are “Dream Girl, ” “The Kids” and “Luckiest Man in the World” which is only available on CD on this release! Fire this CD up for an instant rock and roll party. Highly Recommended.
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Kool Kat Musik Exclusive

Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms

Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms “Heart String Soul”

It’s great to hear Ryan again, his last album was nearly three years ago. After many listens, its clear that Ryan Allen bleeds rock & roll dreams. His energy and melodies are the very stuff power pop fans yearn for. “Should Be Me” is the first song, about his lack of radio play and the hopeful refrain of “one more day” to figure out how to “make it.” It’s a little like a mix of The Ramones and Richard X. Heyman. “Looking Forward to Looking Back” has Raspberries-like riffs and a catchy chorus making it an infectious rocker, “We are all born broken” starts the chorus that hits every note perfectly.

“Become a Disaster” is an anthem for disaffected young adults, building with massive harmonies and riffs like Weezer and a Fountains of Wayne styled narrative. Everything here rings true from the timeline affair of “Angela ’97” to the Big Star influenced “Not Hanging Out” to the quiet heartbreak of “Bonded By Blood,” about the difficulties of fatherhood. Ryan has blown me away here, and this easily makes my top ten album list for 2015.
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Free Music Monday: Tommy Lorente and Fallon Cush

Tommy Lorente

Tommy Lorente “Amanita Sessions (Live)”

French power pop dynamo Tommy Lorente gives us live selections from his album A Cruel Lack of Tenderness (Un Cruel Manque de Tendresse). Recorded in November during a private concert at studio Amanita in Anglet with his band La Cavalerie. His signature tune “Katerine” is first, and even if you don’t understand French you’ll enjoy the bright melodies. Get it on Bandcamp for FREE!

Fallon Cush

Fallon Cush “Tell Me Once”

Australian musician Steven Smith has released several orphan tracks from his band Fallon Cush into this FREE EP for you all as a New Years gift. Many of these songs go back as far as 1999, but sound really fresh. “Tell Me Once” is a really cool single and the loose production shows how far the band has progressed from its early days. Enjoy it on Bandcamp for FREE!

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Holiday Music: “I’ll be drinking this Christmas” and “Bad Sweater Christmas Party”


Scott Gagner features probably one of the most popular activities this holiday seaon. From his LP Rise & Shine which I reviewed early this year.

I always enjoy a new jingle-jangle classic and The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club has a shiny new single that’s ready to be unwrapped. It’s a free download and it has a pretty neat-o B-side “Never Be Big Stars,” which reminds me a lot of Cheap Trick. Thanks for present guys!

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Michael Carpenter, The Pengwins and Jack Skuller

While I rarely highlight singles, a lot of them have reached my inbox lately.  I wanted to share and even though I didn’t “rate” them, they are most worthy of your attention:

Martin Carr

Michael Carpenter “Too Late/I’ve Been Lovin’ You”

A long-time favorite of this blog, Michael Carpenter has returned to the studio, and he’s taken a break from the covers and delivered some original compositions. “Too Late” is blues-rocker that has a strong pop melody and “I’ve Been Lovin’ You” is a dense guitar chorus that makes most Carpenter songs a joy to listen to.


The Pengwins

The Pengwins “Vol.2″

The legacy of The Pengwins continues to drip out in exclusive box-set singles like last years “Vol.1: Naive/Life After High School”.  This year we have Vol.2 “If U Want 2/Look Around” and its a wonderful new combo. “If U Want 2″ was newly recorded and is the real gem here, with echoes of The Shoes and The Beatles it was even recorded in Abbey Road studios.

Lannie Flowers sounds great as always, the second side “Look Around” was originally recorded in the late ’70s and has more of a Cheap Trick vibe. If you order direct from SpyderPop Records, you get a special cardboard box, 7″ single with a bonus CD of the songs, plus guitar picks, photos, and other goodies.

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Jack Skuller

Jack Skuller “Can You See Me | Hard To Want”

Jack Skuller is a young modern musician called by some “the anti-Bieber,” or “a mini Jack White.” Skuller cites his influences as Little Walter, Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello. This year he was the recipient of the Holly Prize, an award made possible by the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Songmasters as a tribute to the legacy of Buddy Holly, a Hall of Fame inductee. One listen to the single, and I was impressed. Check it out.

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Freebie Friday: The Persian Leaps, El Silver Cabs and Crossing Guards

With summer finally here we have a full slate of music ready to be reviewed for next week, but this Friday I’ve got some nice freebies for you:

The Persian Leaps is a band from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Its a bit of melodic noise pop on its new EP Praise Elephants. Notable here is the power pop single “Silent Treatment” full of fuzzy guitar riffs and solid harmonies. “Exponentially Devoted” is another good song with a layer of jangle above the dense fuzz pop.  The band plays short, catchy songs coated along the same lines as Guided By Voices, Teenage Fanclub and My Bloody Valentine.
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New York band El Silver Cabs have a snappy new single with “Oh No” that reminds me a little of those ’90s-era DIY rockers (like The Idle Wilds). This is a typical unsigned band toiling away, their older EPs go all the way back to 2012. But you can definitely hear a progression of improvement on the new EP Bish Bosh. Another notable tune is the fast paced “Red Wine & Ritalin.”
Another freebie from Bandcamp


Okay this isn’t a freebie, but its a “lost” album that I’ve come across. The Crossing Guards are a Minnesota band that had this album, out in 2009. And its biggest influences are The Posies, Guided By Voices and The Replacements. GBV fans will go bonkers for the heavy rhythm guitar on “Smoke and Mirrors.” Lead singer/guitarist Martin Devaney and bassist Sean Hoffman go all out here and it deserves to be heard. Don’t miss standouts “Pretty Little Problem” and “Untouchable.” Overall a solidly recommended LP.
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