Wednesday Mini-Reviews: Mooner, Homer Marrs and Agent 13

I saw the potential in Mooner two years ago as a real talented band. Now my instincts have been rewarded with the first single from Mooner’s debut full-length LP “Masterpiece” Available on vinyl and digital October 9th, 2015 via Aerial Ballet Records. Awesome!

Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure
Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure is a Chicago-based indie rock act that similar to They Might Be Giants but feel a bit goofier – anyway we have a FREE EP download and you can be the judge.

Agent 13
Agent 13 make archetypal rock and roll. It’s classic but its not ‘Classic Rock’, it’s familiar but its not ‘Retro’. But most importantly, its got guitar lead melodies. Kinda reminds me of the The Heartless Devils from several years ago. And for seven bucks you get a big pile o’ music.

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Friday Freebies: The Foreign Films, Exohxo, The McLovings and The Buzz

The Foreign Films: The amazing talent of Bill Majoros is back! This is a special preview of 6 full songs from the upcoming double album The Record Collector (side 3). The full album should be out soon, but this taste tells me it could reach my top ten list this year. Enjoy!

Exohxo: a funny name but a great sound. Exohxo is a domesticated five-piece chamber rock band from Seattle that spent their their twenties in lets-take-over-the-world touring bands. Now scattered across their thirties with families, jobs, and mortgages, these seemingly well-adjusted and entirely approachable adults appear unwilling to finish growing up if that means surrendering the music and the camaraderie that has always been integral to their happiness.

The McLovings: I guess there are worse names than a character from the movie Superbad who is a nerd, but the man. The guys are from San Sebastián, Spain and the accents are heavy, but so is the rock.

The Buzz: Washington D.C.’s The Buzz sound a little rough, but the bass lead melodies and impressive musicianship keep this band afloat. I liked the anthem-like “Drunk and Cryin” and mid tempo “Pack it in, Girl” showcase this bands classic rock chops.

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The New Trocaderos and Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms

The New Trocaderos

The New Trocaderos “Frenzy in The Hips” EP

Formed last year, The New Trocaderos are a mini supergroup consisting of Geoffrey Palmer and Brad Marino of The Connection, and Kurt Baker. They released a few singles and an EP (or two) late in 2014. Well if you missed any of these hook-filled songs I’ve got some good news. Kook Kat Musik is distributing a compilation of these singles under the 6 song EP “Frenzy In The Hips.” The music is hard charging pop that’s rooted in the British Invasion and garage rock style. Each single is compelling, but my favorites are “Dream Girl, ” “The Kids” and “Luckiest Man in the World” which is only available on CD on this release! Fire this CD up for an instant rock and roll party. Highly Recommended.
power pop

Kool Kat Musik Exclusive

Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms

Ryan Allen & His Extra Arms “Heart String Soul”

It’s great to hear Ryan again, his last album was nearly three years ago. After many listens, its clear that Ryan Allen bleeds rock & roll dreams. His energy and melodies are the very stuff power pop fans yearn for. “Should Be Me” is the first song, about his lack of radio play and the hopeful refrain of “one more day” to figure out how to “make it.” It’s a little like a mix of The Ramones and Richard X. Heyman. “Looking Forward to Looking Back” has Raspberries-like riffs and a catchy chorus making it an infectious rocker, “We are all born broken” starts the chorus that hits every note perfectly.

“Become a Disaster” is an anthem for disaffected young adults, building with massive harmonies and riffs like Weezer and a Fountains of Wayne styled narrative. Everything here rings true from the timeline affair of “Angela ’97” to the Big Star influenced “Not Hanging Out” to the quiet heartbreak of “Bonded By Blood,” about the difficulties of fatherhood. Ryan has blown me away here, and this easily makes my top ten album list for 2015.
power pop

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Guardians of The Galaxy and Free Music Mondays


Can you believe it? The hottest movie of the summer, Guardians of The Galaxy features tracks of classic ’70s power pop. Most notably The Raspberries “Go All The Way” and 10cc’s “I’m Not in Love” added to the official soundtrack. Rock on!


Here are some new EPs that are absolutely FREE. Great music that doesn’t even touch your wallet. All are bandcamp downloads. Enjoy!

Ballard is back! The UK based singer continues to refine his polished guitar pop with “Crossing Every Line/What If We Went Back? EP” Keep’em coming Ballard!

Dragmatic is a 4 piece indie rock outfit out of Raleigh, North Carolina. The band opened for The Posies recently. “You’re All Mine” and “Hot Mess” have plenty of energy. Give’em a listen.

Declan Snowden is a Dublin-based singer/songwriter hailing from Galway. The EP – recorded at the famous Westland Studios in Dublin – is a combination combines Declan’s soulful songwriting with an appreciation for pop music, old and new.

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Braddock Station Garrison and Ward White

Braddock Station Garrison “High Water” EP
Rock solid debut from this local Washington DC touring band. A hybrid of Roots rock and pop melodies. Lead singer and guitarist Steve Schillinger carries each tune with confidence, and a cadence that reminded me of Chris Isaak. Highlights include “Maria With Child” and “A Lot To Ask.”


Ward White “Bob
It’s been a few years since I heard Ward White, so it’s both maddening and satisfying to listen to his new LP Bob. Once again assisted by Joe McGinty on keys, White tells a winding dense narrative akin to a one man Rock Opera about the perils and crimes of the title character. White’s delicate tenor is brilliant, similar to those 70’s rock deities (Todd Rundgren and Bowie come to mind).

It’s tough to initially go through the sparsely composed and dramatic first half, but after repeated plays it grows on you, “Dentist” being a highlight. After the quirky “Intermission,” the guitar chords really come out and “Little Coca Cola/Lucky Ones” resembles a Ray Davies ditty. One of the better tunes “Dissent” takes a very Zappa-esque turn, and “Fridge” sums it up with Jeff Hermanson’s trumpet. There is a great musical story buried here if you’re willing to sacrifice immediacy. I see “cult hit” written all over this one.

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