Wednesday Mini-Reviews: Mooner, Homer Marrs and Agent 13

I saw the potential in Mooner two years ago as a real talented band. Now my instincts have been rewarded with the first single from Mooner’s debut full-length LP “Masterpiece” Available on vinyl and digital October 9th, 2015 via Aerial Ballet Records. Awesome!

Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure
Homer Marrs and the Excellent Adventure is a Chicago-based indie rock act that similar to They Might Be Giants but feel a bit goofier – anyway we have a FREE EP download and you can be the judge.

Agent 13
Agent 13 make archetypal rock and roll. It’s classic but its not ‘Classic Rock’, it’s familiar but its not ‘Retro’. But most importantly, its got guitar lead melodies. Kinda reminds me of the The Heartless Devils from several years ago. And for seven bucks you get a big pile o’ music.

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More from the Ice Cream Man

Wayne Lundqvist Ford (Ice Cream Man) strikes again! This new compilation of Power Pop, Mod, Surf, Punk, New Wave, and Northern Soul hits the spot with a whopping one hundred and eight tracks! Not everything may be to your taste, but there are plenty of great songs here, my favorites include; The Click Beetles “Try Girl, Adam Marsland “Something For Nothing,” and Nick Piunti “Heart Stops Beating.” Obviously too many goodies to list here – just listen for yourself. Best of all this sampler is absolutely FREE. Yup, a free download so get it now!


Also featured artists Eric Barao “On Holiday,” and The Thigh Highs “Carrol Gardens” will be appearing live at Power Popaholic Fest this September!


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Friday Freebies: The Foreign Films, Exohxo, The McLovings and The Buzz

The Foreign Films: The amazing talent of Bill Majoros is back! This is a special preview of 6 full songs from the upcoming double album The Record Collector (side 3). The full album should be out soon, but this taste tells me it could reach my top ten list this year. Enjoy!

Exohxo: a funny name but a great sound. Exohxo is a domesticated five-piece chamber rock band from Seattle that spent their their twenties in lets-take-over-the-world touring bands. Now scattered across their thirties with families, jobs, and mortgages, these seemingly well-adjusted and entirely approachable adults appear unwilling to finish growing up if that means surrendering the music and the camaraderie that has always been integral to their happiness.

The McLovings: I guess there are worse names than a character from the movie Superbad who is a nerd, but the man. The guys are from San Sebastián, Spain and the accents are heavy, but so is the rock.

The Buzz: Washington D.C.’s The Buzz sound a little rough, but the bass lead melodies and impressive musicianship keep this band afloat. I liked the anthem-like “Drunk and Cryin” and mid tempo “Pack it in, Girl” showcase this bands classic rock chops.

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Singles: The Jangle Band, Hidden Pictures and Angelo Celli

Some of my favorite free music downloads!

The Jangle Band – a new project by Joe Algeri, songwriter and producer from Perth, Western Australia. He is also a member of Jack & the Beanstalk, The Britannicas  and one listen explains the band name here. Joe teamed up with Jeff Baker and Ian Freeman at the 2015 In The Pines Music Festival to create the band. Heavily reminiscent of the member’s key B-band influences – Byrds, Beatles and Badfinger – the single is a chime and harmony festival typical of the group’s sound. A perfect start to your week its a FREE download, we can’t wait for a full album guys!

Hidden Pictures – one of our favorite bands from Oakland, CA have quietly released several great albums for a name your price download. 2012’s Rainbow Records made our top 10 list that year. These guys are just amazing, with clean crisp melodies — so just get this!

Angelo Celli – the lead singer from last years acclaimed band Bracket. Here it’s just a simple ukelele, I love the approach and writing here. If you liked his bands last album, then download the follow up single, “A Choke of Grief (Heart Hardened)” as it sounds like a bonus track from Hold Your Applause.

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Singles: Peter Lacey, Propeller and The Roaring Juniors

Peter Lacey “Wayward Song”

Peter Lacey’s music has been compared to that of Brian Wilson, sharing a similar talent for harmonies and lush musical arrangements. This is a wistful dream of a song, which brings to mind The Moody Blues.
Get the vinyl at Pink Hedgehog Records

Propeller “Wish I Had Her Picture/Can’t Feel These Things”

Propeller delivers this FREE 2 song-single that really impresses. Crunchy guitars that form dense rhythms and hook filled choruses meant to be served loud. Enjoy!

Roaring Juniors “See You (All The Time)” and “Sweet Marie”

Ann Arbor, Michigan band brings us a old school music in the jangling tradition of The Rubinoos.  These tracks will be on the bands next full length Perennials. This is a great preview that just gets me excited for the upcoming LP this spring.

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