Friday Freebies: Robyn Gibson, Ed Ryan, KC Bowman and Vista Blue

Bob of The Pops Vol.2 – The Juniper lead singer Robyn Gibson did such an impressive job with Vol.1, he decided to make more covers. Vol.2 was recorded from January to May, 2017 at the sofa studio in Leicester and at the Junipers’ studio, while the band weren’t watching. FREE download everyone, so sing along to The Monkees “The Girl That I Knew Somewhere”

Ed Ryan decided to give us a bonus track from his well-reviewed Roadmap album. It’s a new recording of a song he wrote with his old band The Rudies. Enjoy the crashing drums and quick riffs!

KC Bowman (Gigolo Aunts, Corner Laughers) is an undisputed pop talent that we hear from all too infrequently. It’s been ages since he’s done a solo album, but he delivers us two excellent pop singles here I am happy to share. Keep your eyes and ears open for more! KC – if you are reading, we would love a new full-length album, please.

Vista Blue is back with a selection of covers that’s sure to warm a power pop fans heart. From Big Star’s classic “Thirteen” to a rocking garage version of Depeche Mode “Dreaming Of Me.”

Compilation Fridays: More bands! More music!

Power Popaholic Fest is coming on June 16, 17 (next week) at Bar Matchless in Brooklyn, NY. Each year we have a soundtrack made with songs by some performers and like-minded artists. Your purchase helps fund the continuation of this long-running music festival dedicated to power pop artists. This year’s soundtrack features Somerdale, The Successful Failures, Lisa Mychols, Lannie Flowers, Cirrone, The Brittanicas, Jose Estragos and The Pop-Coop. Note: Limited time! Some tracks will only be available during the month of June.

Another compilation that we promote regularly is the Coop Communique, championed by artist/writer Dw Dunphy. This is the third and most impressive volume yet. With an array of favorites including Josh Fix (!!), The Ravines, Greek Theatre, Son of Skooshny, Brandon Schott, Andy Klingensmith, Vegas With Randolph and much more. Best of all its a FREE download!  Between Dunphy and Ice Cream Man, you can fill up the old music player on my phone really fast!

Memorial Day EPs: The Smart Folk, Wishing Rock, The Morning Line, Angelo Celli

Yeah The Smart Folk are another brand of 60s-inspired mod, pop and indie-rock, the six songs tell stories of traveling, identity and the uniqueness of Australian leisure time. This has plenty of summer jangly, melodic guitar and is perfect for a lazy, sunny afternoon.

Wishing Rock is a hard rock band from Baltimore. “17 Seconds” is bright start, even if the vocals are a bit muddled. The band mellows out on latter tracks like “Piscataway.” Hey, and its a FREE download – so enjoy.

The Morning Line brings a chunky West Coast rock to the table. The lead vocalist  Peter Craft reminds me of Ed Roland (Collective Soul.) “Anybody Else” and “All Mine” are very catchy jangle-pop gems — so check it out and yes it’s also a FREE download.

Angelo Celli (Bracket) has some simple acoustic guitar songs here, but like most of Celli’s tunes they are good. Really like those multi-tracked vocal melodies and another FREE download for your Memorial Day BBQ.

Friday Freebies: The Well Wishers, Vegas With Randolph, The Skullers and I Prefer Guitars

Long-time power pop favorite The Well Wishers (aka Jeff Shelton) give us an album of covers. Many are album tracks and not the big popular hits, which makes this collection even more compelling. Shelton covers Tom Petty, Sloan, ABBA, Bowie and more. Also it’s a totally FREE download.

Vegas With Randolph flies the friendly skies with this eminently catchy boarding pass of a song that happily charts a sweet flight path for these Washington, D.C. popsters. While it isn’t free, it’s only a buck and this is a quality single that deserves to be heard!

The Skullers are a new band from New Jersey that are looking for a little exposure. The debut single “Can We Do That Again” is a sharp bit of guitar pop that certainly is worthy of a FREE download. Learn more about these guys at The

The band I Prefer Guitars is a bit of a mystery. I can’t find any bio information except that this band may be from Hamburg, Stockholm or Warsaw. The music is pretty straight forward modern guitar pop. And it’s also a FREE download, so why not check it out?

Exclusive: Lost power pop release from The Tomboys

The Tomboys

The Tomboys “Sessions One”

The Tomboys were young teens when they formed and quickly took to performing and songwriting. Their local popularity spread quickly due to their catchy, melodic songs as the trio performed hundreds of local shows and concerts. They could’ve been considered South Florida’s biggest power-pop band of the ’80s. Now this “lost” band can be heard again with newly remixed and remastered recordings from their first sessions. Best of all, power popaholics the Sessions One EP is absolutely FREE. Get it here: or download through the soundcloud player below.

The Tomboys promo photo

So who were The Tomboys?

Tommy Anthony – Vocals/Guitars

Tommy took a break from music following the band’s breakup, later forming Tommy Anthony & Goza (1991) and the Four O’Clock Balloon (1997). He enjoyed varying degrees of success locally and nationally with both projects. During this time, he had begun doing studio/session work in 1993 as a vocalist and guitarist, which lead to extensive touring. After stints with Jon Secada, Steve Winwood, Gloria Estefan, Carol King and many others, he formally joined Santana in 2005, with whom he still works and tours. He lives in Miami.

Raul Malo – Vocals/Bass

Raul formed the Mavericks in 1990 after the band split up, signing a record deal with MCA and relocating to Nashville, where he still lives today. The Mavericks received various industry awards, strong press, and has been credited with creating a sound often described as equal parts Country, Zydeco, Americana and Tex-Mex. As of this writing, they are currently back together and on tour, after having taken some time off several years ago, while Raul pursued a solo career.

Joe Alonso – Drums

Joe replaced performing for a stab in the music “business”, enjoying an 18-year run following his departure from the band. He ran his own independent labels (one, fostered an Epic/CBS distribution deal and a Billboard Dance Chart hit in 1990). He later owned/operated a very successful CD/music distribution business, with vendors such as CBS/Sony, Universal, EMI-Capitol and BMG Music. Ever ambitious, he inaugurated the first School of Rock franchise in South Florida, enjoying national recognition. Presently, Joe is a direct lender in the residential and commercial sector, and also lives in Miami.