Ho Ho Holiday Singles: Loop Line, Bill DeMain, Cotton Mather, Nicole Atkins

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

Loop Line is back with a holiday song, but it can’t decide if its a Beach or Christmas tune. I guess its both… get the FREE download while it lasts.

​​Robert Harrison (Cotton Mather) teams up with one of my favorite voices in pop, singer Nicole Atkins for “Faded” a wonderfully written ballad. It is part of the new EP ‘Cotton Mather with Nicole Atkins, arriving on December 30th. Get this FREE download now!

New Zealand DIY pop dude Stefan Reyners also has a holiday single. A nice simple statement

While not a Christmas tune, this was way too good not to share. Bill DeMain delivers the goods with an orchestral cover of The Beach Boys “Wendy” for an upcoming album.

Ho Ho Holiday Singles: Seth Timbs, Steve Eggers, and Michael Carpenter

Each year a number of artists release Christmas singles. We already featured one set last week. I will continue to showcase new holiday tunes this week in between my final reviews for 2016. A best of the year list will ready shortly into the new year.

Seth Timbs enjoys a “Bellyful”

Steve Eggers (The Nines) has been so busy (and we love it) but still found time to drop off this Christmas song released on the Japanese label This Time Recordings.

One of my favorite artists down under, Michael Carpenter has just “One More Christmas” to sing about.

Ho Ho Holiday Music: Vista Blue, Red Cabin and The JAC


Vitsa Blue and its garage power pop sound has been featured before, now the band has a new collection of FREE holiday music. My fave on this EP is “A ’90s Kind of Christmas” with plenty of references to that era, like the lyric “We’ll sing lots of Weezer songs this Christmas.”

‘Welcome Christmas Time’ is a free song recorded by Red Cabin (aka Jonathan Foster) included on a Christmas Compilation from the Powerpop Academy (JAPAN).

The JAC (aka Joe Algeri) delivers a free Christmas single from down under.

Power Pop Singles: The Perms, John Faye, Automat and The Tories

I  rarely highlight singles, but these bands are all classic power pop artists that deserve to be heard — enjoy!

The Perms new single — very cool! Get it on Amazon.

John Faye (IKE) gets patriotic. I miss America too. Get it on Amazon.

Is it too early to think about the Christmas holidays? Automat is back with a cool holiday single “Here comes Xmas!”! Not sure when its available.

The Tories are back with “We Still Shine.” Its been a long time since we’ve heard from this band (over 15 years) and it seems like the mature sound agrees with them. Get the single on Amazon.

Jingle Jangle Pop, Shake Some Action, Dropkick

Jingle Jangle Pop

“Jingle Jangle Pop”

Holiday music from the guitar & pen of Andy Goldberg (the driving force behind The Honeymoon Stallions, The Goldbergs & The Sun Kings). This 5 song EP compiles holiday songs from each of the bands mentioned, all remixed by Paul Umbach. Some of these song have been “missing” for many years, so it’s great to have them back for the holiday season.

CD Baby

Shake Some Action

Shake Some Action “Christmas in The Sun”

One of my favorites, Shake Some Action delivers a great holiday single for FREE download. But I would like you to pay for it. All proceeds from the sale of this single go to the Toys For Tots Foundation, a top rated charity that provides toys, books and other gifts to less fortunate children. Bandcamp only.


Dropkick “25th December” EP

British band Dropkick certainly has been very active this year, and this goody is a small collection of holiday themed songs for FREE download. Love the jangling melody of “When Santa Comes Round” — you will too. Bandcamp only.