Jingle Jangle Pop, Shake Some Action, Dropkick

Jingle Jangle Pop

“Jingle Jangle Pop”

Holiday music from the guitar & pen of Andy Goldberg (the driving force behind The Honeymoon Stallions, The Goldbergs & The Sun Kings). This 5 song EP compiles holiday songs from each of the bands mentioned, all remixed by Paul Umbach. Some of these song have been “missing” for many years, so it’s great to have them back for the holiday season.

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Shake Some Action

Shake Some Action “Christmas in The Sun”

One of my favorites, Shake Some Action delivers a great holiday single for FREE download. But I would like you to pay for it. All proceeds from the sale of this single go to the Toys For Tots Foundation, a top rated charity that provides toys, books and other gifts to less fortunate children. Bandcamp only.


Dropkick “25th December” EP

British band Dropkick certainly has been very active this year, and this goody is a small collection of holiday themed songs for FREE download. Love the jangling melody of “When Santa Comes Round” — you will too. Bandcamp only.

The Db’s and Friends Christmas and The Genuine Fakes!

The Db's Christmas

The Db’s & Friends “Christmas Time Again”

When the Christmas Time EP appeared in 1986, it was a joyous occasion. It shouldn’t be surprising that it’s endeared and has been expanded for generations to come! The dB’s & Friends’ Christmas Time Again! enters its third decade of holiday fun with an incredible mix of what’s been previously cherished and adds new tidings of comfort and joy. Chris Stamey (Sneakers, The dB’s) has revised this gift of seasonal music for under your tree and into your ears. Classic tracks from Stamey, The dB’s, Whiskeytown (with Ryan Adams), and Alex Chilton are joined by new performances by Yo La Tengo & Jeff Tweedy, Marshall Crenshaw, Robyn Hitchcock, and Big Star’s Third (featuring Mike Mills of R.E.M. taking lead vocals on Big Star’s “Jesus Christ”), among many others. It’s not just Christmas time, it’s Christmas Time Again!


Ho ho ho! Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? Maybe the Genuine Fakes can help you build a snowman with the popular theme from Disney’s Frozen! As the b-side, they’ve included last year’s “You Always Come Back Home (for X-mas)”, which was previously only available on the CD A Kool Kat Kristmas Volume Two. Get these singles now on iTunes

Happy Holidays from Power Popaholic

A few last minute stocking stuffers for you all…


Gotta love that Cirrone “Christmas Sun”… and below Loop Line gives us a sleepy Christmas tune and they’ve got a holiday video too! And if you’re into the Moog Cookbook thing, Roger Manning Jr. (Jellyfish) has just released a series of instrumentals to play by the yule log. Wishing everyone a very happy holiday!

Just a few more reviews till we reach our countdown of the years best power pop!

Holiday Music: Smalltown Poets and The Connection

Smalltown Poets

Smalltown Poets “Christmas Time Again”

At this point its become a tradition here with my favorite Christmas band Smalltown Poets. They’ve got the vocals, musical chops and this year they’ve got a new album to unwrap. After a spiritual introduction, the band lets loose on “Wassail song” with drums, guitar and piano leading to a harmonious vocal chorus that hits a few different Christmas themes. The title track is an instant classic that deserves major radio play this time of year, evoking the holiday perfectly. Even if you don’t like holiday music, this song will just melt you. Highly Recommended.

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The Connection

The Connection “A Christmas Gift For”

Another “must have” Christmas album by the rocking-est band this season. Starting with “Money, Honey, Baby” it jingles and jangles into your head right away. “West Coast” looks at the holiday from a snow-free perspective. The boogie blues of “Better Late Than Never” is pretty cool, and “Christmas Time Again” is another layered gem. Highly Recommended.

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Holiday Music: “I’ll be drinking this Christmas” and “Bad Sweater Christmas Party”

Scott Gagner features probably one of the most popular activities this holiday seaon. From his LP Rise & Shine which I reviewed early this year.

I always enjoy a new jingle-jangle classic and The Bishop’s Daredevil Stunt Club has a shiny new single that’s ready to be unwrapped. It’s a free download and it has a pretty neat-o B-side “Never Be Big Stars,” which reminds me a lot of Cheap Trick. Thanks for present guys!