Paul Collins tickets are now $10

BREAKING NEWS: The April 22 Paul Collins concert at Glen Cove has lowered ticket prices to allow more fans at attending to enjoy the sounds of great power pop, up close and personal. Tickets at the door are $10.00 – This is the last appearance of Paul Collins prior to his Worldwide European Tour starting in May.

Check the Facebook page to say that you will attend and get advance tickets at (prices will be changing on the site very soon) or buy at the door of The Light House Water Front Cafe in Glen Cove, NY.


Power Pop for sale! Come on Down! Paul Collins Concert coming soon!

Power POp for sale

The Power Popaholic Sell-A-Thon

If you are near Massapequa Long Island tomorrow, there is a big music expo going on at American Legion Massapequa NY Post 1066 at 66 Veterans Blvd, Massapequa, New York 11758. I will be selling a big pile of my music collection. This stuff has been accumulating for over 10 years now and I’m ready to give it to you for pennies on the dollar. Many CDs will be $2 each and some $4 each. I will also be selling a few very rare items, like my Squeeze Box Set and Cheap Trick Box Set.

And many other vendors will be there, lot of records and other goodies will be for sale. So come on down!

The Paul Collins – Rockinghams Concert

Coming up next month….

Power Popaholic Fest 2016 review

This was a special Fest as this year we also were raising money for The Spirit of Harmony Foundation (Todd Rundgren‘s charity) and our second year at Bar Matchless after last year’s concert. The night was started with Oberon Rose playing selections from his upcoming album, great songs here and a few from the debut LP too. He was followed by Joe Caravella and The Reign, who rocked out a nice long set including covers of Badfinger and Beatles tunes — the band was tight and also played some new music thats due for release soon.

Unfortunately The Connection had an emergency and cancelled last minute, but Dave Rave came on and saved the day with his band, Haliee Rose and special guests Sal Medina (Milk and Cookies) and Dennis Diken (The Smithereens). They rocked the house as both Hailee and Dave have new albums on sale. The following night was started loudly by Meyerman as his new band shook the walls, followed by New Jersey favorites The Modulators promoting their new album “Try, Try, Try.” Then Boston native Ray Paul took to the stage and played selections from the soon to be released “Whimsicality.” We closed out the Fest with The Zombies of The Stratosphere who played a jangling set with some country overtones.

We were also able to make a donation to The Spirit of Harmony Foundation, giving a check to John Siegler and Kevion Ellman, both from Todd Rundgren’s Utopia. Thanks goes to The Odd Fellows Lodge #125 of Mineola for supplying the donation. Its great when you can support the arts and art education with one event. I had a great time and I know the bands had fun too.

Concert Review: Holy Holy

Fresh from the passing of David Bowie, I saw Holy Holy, the only authorized tribute to him at The Paramount in Huntington, NY. Holy Holy is a super group playing the early songs of David Bowie (1969 to 1973) led by two men who knew David very well. One was drummer Woody Woodmansey, formerly of Bowie’s backing band The Spiders from Mars and Tony Visconti, Bowie’s long time producer and occasional bass player. Joined by the commanding lead singer Glenn Gregory (formerly Heaven 17) and the dual guitars of James Stevenson and Paul Cuddeford they played the entire album of The Man Who Sold The World. Then they played several tracks from Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders from Mars and some additional hits. Including “All The Young Dudes,” “Changes” and ending off with “Suffragette City.” Without a doubt the spirit of Bowie seemed to fill the room and the energy from the sizable crowd was electric. If this band ever comes to your town I highly recommend you see this show.


International Pop Overthrow “Vol. 18”

International Pop Overthrow

It’s that time of year in New York, the fallen leaves and chill in the air reminds me that the International Pop Overthrow is almost upon us! It’s coming back to Bar Matchless in Brooklyn starting tonight! Check out the schedule and come early and often, and show your support for new power pop.

I have to say, this 18th volume of the IPO 3 disc set is the most diversified and stretches beyond the traditional sound of power pop with a new crop of future pop superstars. All produced by maestro David Bash, mastered by Alan Brownstein, and put out by Bruce Brodeen‘s Pop Geek Heaven Record label, making a concerted effort to keep the CD format alive in the age of ephemeral electronic files. God bless these power pop taste makers for continuing to deliver the best music value on the planet. This set is noticeably balanced in that no single disc really stands out, so lets get started onto my favorite tracks:

Disc 1: I’ve never seen so many new bands in an IPO comp, so I’m sure to find some new favorites like Ivan Mudd’s “Wake Up Call” and the DIY gem “First In Class” by newcomer Steve Rosenbaum. Sweden-based Cranbury Sauce’s “Merry-Go-Round” and Marston’s “Shabby Shakes” upholds those psychedelic guitar traditions and of course old friend Jeremy Morris leads The Jeremy Band in a rockin’ theme song for the festival with “The IPO Song.” I heard some distinct 80’s influence in Vinyl Floor’s “Colorblind” and The Pickpockets “The Ostrich Defense.” Also note even more female vocalists than ever before, at least 2 per disc.

Disc 2: Kylie Hughes (a fave from last years set) returns with the bouncy “Dream Dream Dream” and another favorite, Dave Rave comes back with some “Sweet American Music.” Some bands still clearly have that sixties pop influence here like Junebug (“She’s An Ape, Not A Monkey”) and Cloud Eleven (“A Sadness in Sorry”). More standouts include the catchy guitar rhythm on Harvest Moon’s “Wanna See You Dancin'” and Claire On A Dare’s “She Knows/Photographic Memory” channels Chrissie Hynde perfectly. Tommy Sistak delivers the requisite Beatlesque “Ordinary Words,” but you’ll find music that really pushes the pop envelope like the atmospheric “The Boy and Marlene’s Ghost” from Warm Morning Brothers.

Disc 3: Greg Ieronimo’s opener “You Love Me,” rocks as he continues to deliver impressive melodies, followed by the crisp harmonies of Coke Belda’s “I Understand.” And “The Perfect Year” by Vanilla stands out with its glossy production, as Cash For Gold’s “Out All The Time” does with its wicked glam sound. I’ve already raved about Jared Lekites “Five Separate Lives,” and Honeywagen’s “The Only One” is a classic power pop single sure to thrill listeners. I heard less garage styled power pop than past volumes, but Stacked Actors “Disinfect” is a strong example here. Listen to select tracks at the IPO website, and get this long awaited compilation. As usual, it’s the cure for the common playlist and Highly Recommended every year!

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