Freebie Fridays (early): Myracle Brah, Ballard, Doc Vinegar and The Legendary Losers

Normally I’d close out the week with some great new free music, but the bounty of awesomeness was too good for me to wait til Friday…

Myracle Brah

Baltimore’s Myracle Brah is an one of the best loved American power pop bands, lead by singer-songwriter Andy Bopp (Love Nut). It’s been a while (since he’s involved in several other bands) but the long awaited return of Myracle Brah is cause for celebration, and a FREE Bandcamp EP is just the icing on the pop cake, including a cover of The Troggs “A Girl Like You.” Stop reading, download and just listen!


Coming from the UK, Ballard has been putting out EPs for a while now. He’s a self described 40- year old malcontent that spews lo-fi Garage pop with a touch of bubblegum soul. He loves recording things spontaneously and mixing it up in mono – and its totally DIY cool. Check out his latest FREE Download.

Doc Vinegar

Straight from Aubagne, France comes Doc Vinegar,  Psychedelic Pop with a 60’s vibe influenced by The Byrds and The Kinks (with a French accent). This retro-nostalgic sound is always a guilty pleasure of mine, and Doc Vinegar does a really sweet job with this music. 12 big tracks here – just say “Oui” to a FREE Download. Merci, Doc!

The Legendary Losers

The Legendary Losers, an Albany three piece band is on a mission to bring music (played with real instruments) back to the masses. The opening track is a rant about “electro-freaks and techno-geeks” messing up rock and roll. Dave Graham has a rough vocal, but he sings with solid conviction about “The Rock That Makes Me Roll” and it reminds me a little of Paul Collins mixed with Mojo Nixon. Enjoy the FREE Download, even if you have “a Green Day sticker on your BMW.”

Concert Review: Roger Hodgson

I had a great time at the Paramount in Huntington, NY last night seeing Roger Hodgson perform. While a member of Supertramp, Roger wrote most of their hit songs and his distinct vocal is what fans most recognize. With an experienced band behind him, Hodgson mesmerized the audience. He played audience favorites like “Breakfast in America” but plenty of deep cuts like “Lady,” “School,” and “Even in the Quietest Moments.” Roger still carries over the progressive rock influences from those early albums, full of grandiose textures – a great example being “Fool’s Overture”.

The stage was decorated with various trees and greenery – all to add atmosphere to the epic “Death and a Zoo,” where the percussion and animal noises made the stage look and feel like a rainforest. Hodgson has a very deep spirituality that comes forth when he plays, and the complex arrangements of the song add to this impression. The band was also superb, and special mention goes to the exceptional Aaron MacDonald doing sax, clarinet, flute and backing vocals. And Roger can still hit those high notes! I can’t wait for Roger bring the magic back to New York on his next tour. In the meantime – let’s see what we can do to get Supertramp into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Tim Lee 3 and Gail George

Tim Lee 3

Tim Lee 3 “Devil’s Rope”

One of the better acts at IPO is the Tim Lee 3, which is essentially Tim Lee (Windbreakers, Marti Jones, Let’s Active) and his wife Susan Bauer Lee accompanied by Chris Bratta on drums. Devil’s Rope is a mix of Southern rock, blues and pop all done with solid proficiency and fiery spirit. “Signal” opens it and its the most pop oriented tune with Susan’s bright clear vocal leading the way. The title track is a sing-along blues stomp with a hand-claps and cool reverb-drenched guitar.

“Monkey Dance” is whimsical look about touring; struggling musicians with great guitar work from a “never-was.” A bit of Southern Culture On The Skids show up on the fuzz tones of “Cut-Rate Divorce” and “Judging You.” Overall, a really sweet album that has enough variety to prevent predictability and some great songs sprinkled throughout. They are hard at work on a new album, and I look forward to it.

power pop


Gail George

Gail George “The Barrio Sessions with Early Times”

Gail George was another “live” hit at IPO that’s decidedly off the power pop genre. The Barrio Sessions were recorded in East Harlem, and George has a silky vocal with pop smarts playing with multi-instrumentalist Early Times. “Mythomaniac” is a soulful torch song with bongos and little Santana-like guitar flourishes. Gail has an emphatic approach that is similar to Laura Nyro, Carole King and Joni Mitchell (all obvious influences here).

The big single here is “Gonna Get Worse” with a strong bass line and strong backing vocals with its hook. Also a highlight is “Nobody’s Friend” with its sad lyric, somber trumpet that highlights Gail’s willowy vocal performance. “Walk Away” is another highlight with its strong coda (particularly good performed live). The album second half fails to generate much excitement, but I enjoyed the understated tone and hope to hear more from this talented singer-songwriter.

power pop

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Sunday Singles: The Popravinas, Lannie Flowers, Lily Sparks, Spirit Kid, Nick Piunti

Although I don’t review singles, we still want to let readers know when an artist comes out with something cool. And with a lot of new singles floating around, I wanted to feature a few standouts:

The Popravinas

The Popravinas release their first tunes since the full-length CD Everybody’s Fault But Ours in 2008. The Santa Monica, CA based band continues to crank out great tunes and this single proves they haven’t lost a thing since then.
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The Lannie Flowers

Lannie Flowers was a highlight at IPO this year and he released a new single at the show, the Big Star classic “Back of A Car”. It was recorded live at the Trash Bar in New York taken from the Live In NYC album. It also has an unreleased new song “Best I Can” which is so good, I’d call it another “A-side.”
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The Lannie Flowers

Lily Sparks is a new trio that deserves your attention that performed at IPO. Lead vocalist Niamh (pronounced “neev”) is a rock diva comparable to Grace Potter or Ann Wilson (Heart) and the guitars really rock on this brand new single. Check it out!
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Spirit Kid (Emeen Zarookian) continues to dazzle us with this new single, about a supposed “true story” about living off the remains of that last job. Its has a bit of glam in its DNA, and its catchy too! Awesome. Bandcamp

Nick Piunti is hard at work on his next album after the top-ten winner of Thirteen In My Head last year. I enjoyed meeting him and listening to his excellence at Power Popaholic Fest this past August. Once again comparisons to Mike Viola are apt, and I can’t wait for this new one as “Time Machine” is an awesome start. Bandcamp

Concert Connection: IPO and Roger Hodgson

It’s that busy time of year and IPO is in New York this week. It started Wednesday and continues on this weekend at Bar Matchless, 57 Manhattan Ave @ Driggs Ave, Brooklyn. Don’t miss the fun and fellowship of like minded power pop bands: Eric Frisch, George Usher and Lisa Burns, Bubble, The Modulators, The GO-NY, The Pomps, Milkshake Jones, Joey Kelly (of Buddy Love), Adam Randy, Gianni Paci, The Thigh Highs, Tim Lee 3, Tenterhooks, Josh Fix, Morty Shallman, Gail George, Dave Rave, Sonny Lee & The Layovers, The Lannie Flowers Band, London Egg, Rorie Kelly, Zombies Of The Stratosphere, Oberon Rose, The Turnback, The Peaces, Joe Caravella (of The Reign), Jana Peri, The Rousers, The Anderson Council, and The Q. For showtimes visit the IPO Facebook page – we will review the concerts next week.

Roger Hodgson (Supertramp)  returns to New York!

Accompanied by a four-piece band, Roger Hodgson continues to perform all his hits he wrote and later recorded with Supertramp. Enduring rock standards such as “Breakfast in America,” “Give a Little Bit,” “Take the Long Way Home,” “The Logical Song,” “Dreamer,” “It’s Raining Again,” “School,” and “Fool’s Overture” are all part of the show. This year marks the 40th Anniversary of “Crime of the Century,” released in September 1974 and Hodgson’s song, “Dreamer,” became Supertramp’s first international runaway hit, driving the album to the top of the charts. Roger will be at The Paramount in Huntington, NY on Tuesday, November 11. For more info visit the Paramount!