The Solicitors and The Bamboo Trading Company

The Solicitors “Made To Measure” EP
From our good friends at Pop Boomerang Records, you’ll have a blast with the Melbourne based Solicitors. Nice 80’s styled hook-filled melodies with a bouncy joy in “Pretty Penny” and “I Love Your Love.” The guitar riffs  are fast and full of energy, and you’ll hear influences from Big Star, The Knack, Nick Lowe and Cheap Trick. No duds either, and each tune will put you in a good mood or at least have you singing along. Even the laconic drinking ballad “Feeling Is Believing” has a touch of 50’s era rock n roll tragedy. I can’t wait for the full length LP. Get it on Bandcamp, as the CDs aren’t due till June 25.


The Bamboo Trading Company “The Bamboo Trading Company”
A musical project from the members of The Beach Boys touring Band: Randall Kirsch, Gary Griffin, and Philip Bardowell, and in the case of Matt Jardine, a son of an actual Beach Boy.  Included are Miami Dan Yoe and Chris English, so you have a talented bunch launching this Beach Boys meets Jimmy Buffett styled summer album.

The good news is the vocal harmonies are beautifully done, the album’s mood is light and enjoyable. Some tunes are perfect for your tiki party and catchy enough, like “Kitty Hawk” and the Pet Sounds-lite “Tweet (Don’t Talk Anymore).” And even David Marks and Probyn Gregory contribute guitar to “Star Of The Beach” which sounds like it came off Al Jardine’s solo LP. However many of the songs are about as memorable as The Beach Boys own M.I.U Album (pretty disposable) especially the campy “Shrewd Awakening” promoting a cheesy horror movie! Fans of the Beach Boys will still enjoy this, some additional highlights include “I’ve Always Loved The Ocean” and “Don’t Say Its Over.” Now pass me a Mai Tai and call me when you find a place called “Kokomo.”