Lite Rock Preview and Interviews

It’s coming up in the Spring of 2013, the ‘Monsters Of Lite Rock’ Tribute album. And one of the artists featured is Michael Carpenter, doing a great job on the Cliff Richard classic “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” To find our more about this awesome tribute go to the Monsters of Lite Rock Facebook Page.


It’s been a few months since I interviewed some artists so I’m trying to make up for some lost time here. First I reached Roy “Holmes” Shakked. He is still promoting his 4th album ‘Complication Simplified’ and I got to talk with him here. Then the very next day I contacted my old friend Vinnie Zummo who just finished three albums in the last six months! I recently reviewed the last volume of his trilogy called ‘Swinging Guitar Sounds of Young America’ – our conversation is here. Of course you can navigate to our interviews section and find them there too.

Holmes “Complication Simplified”

Roy Shakked aka Holmes’ 4th album release is here, and after shaking all the cobwebs out with Covers early this year, he’s ready to express his unique POV on life. The opener “Put A Hurt On Me” starts with a smooth groove and moves seamlessly into a memorable chorus. The introspective “Crawling” is a sweet shuffling melody that brings to mind Elliot Smith and McCartney.

The bluesy “Everything” and banjo strumming ditty “Mosquitos” are great set pieces that stick in your head and deserve repeat plays. The album’s chewy center is “Pressing My Luck,” full of handclaps and guitar arpeggios in the chorus. It’s a catchy high point, followed by the somber “Different Ground” and “Revolving Door” (a duet with Jesca Hoop). The interlude “I’ll do it tomorrow” is pretty funny and another big gem is the radio friendly “Stereo” which gives us the album’s title. A solid release that once again highlights Roy’s amazing talent and artistry, get it and you won’t be disappointed.

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