The Jennifers "Colors from the Future"

The Jennifiers come to you with quite a pedigree. Master guitar-pop producer, Dave Nachodsk has worked with Squeeze, Greenberry Woods, Myracle Brah, Splitsville and Starbelly, releases this Baltimore band’s first full lengther in several years. Sounding like a good indie mix of Guided By Voices guitar pop meets They Might Be Giants quirkiness, I found alot here I like. “Mrs. Gray” is an awesome uptempo rocker similar to the Feelies and Velvet Crush. Following this is a satisfiying opus “Landslide” — over four minutes of hummable magic. Some of the songs have a nice 80’s style of guitar rhythm, like “Starfleet Academy” and “Lazy Stalker.” On some songs the vocals get drowned out, but most of the CD does a great job, like a cover of The Soft Boys “Queen of Eyes.” The song “Lion in Winter” runs all over the place and turns into a pyschedelic jam at one point – didn’t Sloan do things like this near the end of an album? You can visit the Jennifers at their website to hear some tracks. You can get this album at or cdbaby it is most definitely worth picking up!