Geoff Westen "Vidiots – Tune In!!"

Okay time for a side trip. How about a flashback to the era of “Weird Science” and weirder hairdos? As a follow up to “The Pigs” Geoff Westen is not content in staying with one type of musical style and with his latest “Vidiots – Tune In” we get a flashback to 1982 via new wave pop. Like a bizarre mix of The Talking Heads and The Cars with Roxy Music as your backing band, Westen has the period down perfectly. I am sure at some point, this music will be fashionable again (after all it happened to Disco). As good and slick as the production is the songs themselves don’t really make an impression on me until “Angry Young Man” which would fit nicely into the dance pop category along with Pseudo Echo. “Action Man” is a well written pop tune about “goin’ to a party”. Then some experimental synthpop entered the scene with “Some of you Girls” and he loses me again. If you are patient, you’ll get a good pop tune like “Searching For Love” with a very David Byrne-like vocal. The funky “Friend or Lover” heads into Devo territory and does a excellent job although it seems to drag on over six minutes. If your musical taste runs into this nostalgia trip of day-glo colors, Westen will be happy to start your “party out-of-bounds.”

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