Lund Bros "Songbook IV"

The Lund Bros. ( Chris and Sean Lund and bassist Gwon Chang.) specialize in smart songwriting, colorful, catchy hooks, full-tilting melodies and plenty of repeat-worthy pop hooks at every turn. I had no idea these guys were so prolific, releasing 4 albums already. This is a two disc set, and plenty of gems are here. Opening with the song “Mars Will Understand” it starts soft and expands to Cheap Trick-Matthew Sweet proportions. And this first disc follows the style on most of it’s tracks. For example, “Find The Sun” is a sweet guitar ballad that would make Robin Zander do a double take. One of the best songs on this disc is “Magnifying Glass” full of irresistible melodies and harmony. The instrumental “Johnny’s Jump” is pure guitar magic and shows off the Lunds‘ impressive guitar prowess. “Losin” is a gem that would fit well on “Dream Police” and “Mr. McCain” is a poignant power ballad about the losing presidential candidate, asking “would you do it again?” This first disc was so impressive, I thought I couldn’t take more riches here. Well the second disc opens with “Listen” a sure fire hit single, full of fast beats and awesome hooks. The mood takes a turn on “Love is Leaving” and reminds me a bit of Big Star here (“Olive Branch” has the same feel). The remaining songs continue to impress and are more conventional, following closer to Van Halen styled guitar rock. Fans of both Cheap Trick and Van Halen will flip for these guys, but I would highly recommend this set to anyone who loves modern melodic rock. I now want to get the older albums on CD Baby to see what I’ve been missing.

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