Strangefinger "Into the Blue"

In a story that defines passion, Lead songwriter Freddie Lemke of Strangefinger, was virtually homeless when he wrote songs for Into the Blue back in 2005. Working on a donated 16 track recorder, he slowly formed the band and after scraping everything he could to finish the album, the group was out of money and it looked like it was all over. Then Jellyfish’s Chris Manning approached the band and helped with vocals, producing and mixing the final cut. Believe me it was worth it. Opening with a heavenly Brian Wilson-like harmony and beach waves, it dramatically opens with the ballad “Sleep,” full of rich guitar and detailed orchestration. The production has a 70’s styled polish and fans of 10cc and Bob Welch will appreciate it. Although the beach theme is evident, it sounds closer to Jellyfish meets Peter Frampton, than Beach Boys. Some truly great music is here, with the excellent “There’s an Ocean” full harmonies over an unforgettable hook filled melody. “System To The Grind” is a piano fueled gem similar to Todd Rundgren. The album seamlessly jumps from one song to the next at first. Then we get a few strange detours along the way with “Sunshine Between” going all Steely Dan, before we get to “Colored In Snow” a soulful rock ballad. The jazzy “Sugar” goes in another direction, and then we return to the smooth ballad “Two Angels.” I guess a lack of consistency is the only strike against it. The singles here are flawless and worth the effort to add to your collection.

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