Top 20 Best Power Pop albums of 2009

Rather than have a strict top ten, I wanted to bring you my personal top twenty albums this year. Many have been nominated, but these just stuck with me this year strictly in the “power pop” genre. I look forward to the top ten lists of many other music blogs, so hopefully we’ll see many more before the year ends.
  1. Roger Joseph Manning Jr. “Catnip Dynamite” *
    and Plasticsoul “Peacock Swagger”
  2. Roger Klug “More Help For Your Nerves”
  3. Lamar Holley “Confessions of a College Student”
  4. Michael Carpenter “Redemption #39”
  5. The Campbell Stokes Sunshine Recorder “Makes Your Ears Smile”
  6. The Webstirs “So Long”
  7. Jeff Litman “Postscript”
  8. Curtains For You “What A Lovely Surprise To Wake Up Here”
  9. L’Avventura “Your Star Was Shining”

  10. The Simple Carnival “Girls Aliens Food”
  11. The Shazam “Meteor”
  12. Dennis Diken with Bell Sound “Late Music”
  13. Jeff Larson “Heart Of The Valley”
  14. Bleu “A Watched Pot”
  15. The Secret Powers and The Electric Family Choir
  16. Chris Richards and The Subtractions “Sad Sounds of Summer”
  17. Thowback Suburbia “s/t”
  18. The Wigs “File Under: Pop Vocal”
  19. Valley Lodge “Semester at Sea”
  20. The Resonars “That Evil Drone”
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4 thoughts to “Top 20 Best Power Pop albums of 2009”

  1. Great list. The L'Avventura album and Star & Micey (not on your list) albums were two of my very faves of the year. Non-power po, and best of 2009 overall, IMO, Lucero-1372 Overton Park.

    Thanks for all the work you do. An awesome site!

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