The Honest Mistakes "Break Up"

A very straight forward concept album here from the duo of Chris Ehrich and Joylene Dahlia (joined by bassist Adam Kivisaari and drummer Frank Corl). The bright bouncy opening of the title track contrasts with ironic lyrics from the ex-lover’s POV. In fact given the depressing theme, there is not a single slow heart wrenching ballad to be found. The guitars and beat are well done and Joylene’s vocals have a little Liz Phair meets Carole King quality. This comes through on the excellent mid-tempo “Roses” which is really an angry song played like a up-beat folkie freedom anthem.  The very entertaining jam continues on “Long Way Around” with a tight lead guitar weaving around the vocal track. One of best songs here is “Sidekick” with it’s rolling drum beat and guitar break, about a shoulder to lean on after things fall apart. The song is also the perfect lead-in for the stellar gem “Stay” with a killer guitar riff rhythm and more hooks than a bait shop. You gotta love the long pause and key change towards the songs end – that’s the most fun you can hope for in a break up.  Each song is solid with no filler here and fans of Marykate O’Neil and Fountains of Wayne should grab this release. Makes a great Valentine’s Day gift (no, really!)

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