Baby Scream and The Brigadier EP

Baby Scream “Identity Theft” EP

Argentinean transplant Juan Mazzola follows up his catchy debut with is this new release that features 7 songs, including 2 covers: John Lennon’s “Mucho Mungo “and Rinaldo Rafanelli’s “Ojos Orientales.” There is much more of Lennon’s influence and sound over the entire EP. Many songs use a simple slow rhythm and have a weary resignation about them. “Dead Woman Walking” sounds like a pop funeral dirge about a woman “running out of friends, running out of life.” The song “Memories” has some nice guitar work over a simple bass drumbeat that keeps things a bit more lively, but even on “Nicole” Juan admits he’s “run out of lyrics.” Much of the heavy mood is undone by the over produced vocal echo of “Underground Blues.” Fans of both Lennon and even his son Julian may like this, but it’s missing the hooks that made John’s songs so memorable.

The Brigadier “The Edge Of Spring” EP

Have have enjoyed the music of Matt Williams aka The Brigadier for quiet a while now, and after his last album we find him stretching his songwriting legs with a seasonal theme. It opens quietly with “Song for a New Year” which strums along and builds to a sweet melodic chorus. “Be my Valentine” and “February” have a Ray Davies styled cynicism and dry wit to them. The four minute mostly instrumental “Last Day of Winter” has a magical quality and then “She brings the Spring” is very much in the light pop mold of The Orange Peels. Part of this cycle began with “Rhymes for Rainy Days (Autumn)”. I would encourage Matt to finish the cycle on his next offering (Summer). This EP is only offered digitally from Matt’s site.