Elvyn "The Decline"

Ontario based Elvyn was formed by Joel and Ryan Beerman in 1998 and it has spend a few years under the radar, but with “The Decline” it’s a strong release that will break the band through to the next level. Joined by Jason O’Reilly (bass) and Jeremy Knibbs (guitar) the band plays as a tight unit, all on the same wavelength. Starting with the stellar “Those Were The Days” it’s got a jangle similar to Teenage Fanclub and those rootsy folk harmonies like The Jayhawks. “Lotta Lies” continues the soft sounds of relaxed melody and Rickenbacker guitars. Fans of the alternative country pop sound (The Byrds, The Pernice Brothers, Wilco) will embrace this album wholeheartedly, as every song is perfection here. “I Guess I Was Wrong” has more of a softer Burrito Brothers vibe and “Don’t Fall In Love” mines the classic sounds of J.D. Souther or early 70’s Eagles. This vibe follows through on the title track as well. The consistent quality of the musicianship and songwriting is what puts this band over the top. It’s not to be missed.

Listen to “Lotta Love”