Emerging pop talent for June with FREE downloads

Here are some indie debut albums, EPs and emerging talent this past month that you might want to check out…so much great music, so little time!

A Fragile Tomorrow “Tripping Over Nothing”

This slick indie band opens with “Man With A Bottle,” a Goo Goo Dolls styled standard. But I was really impressed with the Rickenbacker jangle on “Peaceful Days” and the descending harmonies in the chorus on “Something To Say” recalling The Rembrandts. The soothing rock ballad “Tupelo Song” is a favorite here with a wonderful guitar break and gorgeous 3-part harmony. “Dear Abbey White” is an unconventional surprise, with loud guitar riffs and low key vocals. The album shines best when it concentrates on mid-tempo pop like “I Never Said Enough” and “Captured.” The heavier blues oriented rock songs (“Thirteen”, “Hey Mother”) are okay, but didn’t stick in my head like the earlier songs. The band needs more consistency, but the talent is definitely there.
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Graham Czach “Lucid”

Graham Czach is a creative and accomplished musician, composer, upright/electric bassist, vocalist and guitarist. “Lucid” is Graham’s debut album where he combines influences from being raised in a household where Led Zeppelin and the Beatles were playing constantly, to being educated and trained as a classical and jazz musician. If you’re tired of John Mayers antics and want to hear a man with more talent, give this a shot. The classical composition is evident on the awesome “Abide” and the string filled “True Love.” Fans of baroque pop and Eric Matthews will flip over this artist.
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J.D. Reager “The Repechage”

A buddy of The Bulletproof Vests, J.D. Reager is also from Memphis and has his own label to boot (http://www.makeshiftmusic.com/).  His debut is sporadic, but the dense production is effective on “Wading In.” Fans of Adam Merrin (The 88) will enjoy the smooth multi-tracked vocal ballad “Knoxville Song.” Sure some of the songs overindulge in production techniques, but a few gems are to be found here like the piano lead “Ballad of Max and Grace” and the quirky “For Now” brings to mind Sugarplastic a little bit. This is an artist worth exploring and the album is FREE online too, so give it a try.
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The Maybenauts “Big Bang” EP

Fans of Girl in A Coma or Veruca Salt may love this band, a female lead glam outfit full of energy. The EP consists of 5 hard rock songs and lead singer Leilani Frey gives it her all. The songs are short, sweet and full of great harmonies as well. Their debut single “My Head Is A Bomb” was co-produced by Jane Wiedlin, the rhythm guitarist of The Go-Gos. So what is with the Panda on the album cover? What’s up with the token male here, guitarist Vee Sonnets dressed like a Panda at shows? Does he eat bamboo too?
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Jac & Jill “s/t”

These girls are plenty talented when it comes to modern pop. Jaclyn Quatela and Jill Winter are New York artists with a strong music background, influenced by Motown R&B, hip hop, and rock & roll, but they don’t pretend to be anyone else. The autobiographical “Listen” is catchy as hell and unique to them. The cool “Mm’ Mm’ Good” starts with a solid structure and a fast-paced chorus. The single “Can’t Stop” is already getting lots of well deserved airplay. Fans of Lady Gaga, Gwen Stefani and Beyonce should be paying attention to this duo now.
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