Greg Pope "Blue Ocean Sky" FREE DOWNLOAD

Christmas comes early with this gift from Greg Pope. His new album Blue Ocean Sky contains the same impeccable rock we’ve come to love and make many top ten lists every year (including ours). The opener “The Awful Whisper” has a great Posies meets Bad Company styled wall of guitar sound. “My Resignation” boasts early Who mod-era abrupt guitar riffs and “Head Above Water” channels a little Argent with Greg’s unique guitar and drum interplay.

The brilliance continues with “I Tried To Like You” a jangle filled delight and the remaining tracks are equally impressive. The catchiness of the melodies on the album’s second half don’t reach the highs of the earlier tracks, but you’ve got Greg’s holiday track from last year “Christmas Snow” and the majestic closer “Keeping A Band Together” to round things out. It’s tough to come up with adjectives that really describe how good Pope is at his job – like all the power pop legends, we’ve come to expect greatness at this point. Best of all, this album is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD until December 20.

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