Freddy Monday "Everything Anyhow"

Native New Yorker, Freddy Monday is an experienced songwriter/performer that’s done tons of work for TV and film. He’s got a great knack for compelling melodies that will remind many of McCartney or Willy Wisely. Opening with “Give Me Your Heart” it builds to multi-guitar tracked chorus, full of nice jangling details. Its followed by “Please” with a roots based rhythm, but the chords of the chorus burst forth and makes it pure magic. A tinkling piano starts the atmospheric “Rain All Day” on one of the happiest songs about a downpour ever.

In fact, every track shines bright and grows on you quickly. “Another Memory” is yet another bouncy gem guaranteed to get your toe tapping. It gets a bit more rock oriented on “She’s A Teaser” and “Fracture” is a beautiful ballad Macca would definitely approve of. Things get looser and laid back on the albums latter tracks, which is fine. One of the best debuts this year, and a refreshing slice of pop not to be missed.

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