Peter Baldrachi and Long Play 33 1/3

Peter Baldrachi “Tomorrow Never Knows”
Boston singer/songwriter Baldrachi delivers his long awaited follow up to 2006’s “Solid Ground” and like his previous release, it’s worth the wait. As a respected IPO veteran, he blasts out the opening track “In The Dead Of Night” with a strong driving melody in the classic Matthew Sweet – Velvet Crush style. The jangling open on “Make It Our Own” gives way to excellent guitar breaks between each catchy chorus. “Promise Me A New Start” features backing vocalists Alice Austin and Amy Fairchild, and has a bit of country twang too. That twang carries through on “Pray For Rain,” and what impresses most is Baldrachi’s clear lyrical narrative. Each track is a winner, without any filler. More highlights include “Someone isn’t me” with it’s soaring harmonies and “Now For Good” with it’s compelling slide guitar riffs. And despite the fact that the title is named after a Beatles tune, there isn’t any homage here. But this is an album that deserves multiple listens on my ipod and a spot on my top ten list for 2011.


Long Play 33 1/3 “Being Nowhere”
A group of Hungarian musicians with a longing for English-American pop and rock formed Long Play 33 1/3 in the second half of 2009. Lead by vocalist/guitarist István Békei, all the band members were part of tribute bands in Budapest (yes, including a Hungarian Beatles band called “Blackbirds”). They decided to do a full album of original compositions for Being Nowhere.The band takes many classic influences, but fans of 80s rockers Starship, Supertramp, The Allman Brothers, and Styx will spot a few similarities. “I’m Free” is a densely composed power rocker, full of multiple guitar riffs and glossy production style. One cannot deny the skill here on tracks like the Oasis styled “Peaceful Hideaway” and the beautiful guitar solos and harmonies  on “Ocean Inside.” The mastering is a bit spotty on “Wait For A While” as the production drowns out the lead vocals occasionally, but some nice strings and melodies highlight “Soulmates” and “On The Rush.” Overall a very inspired debut.

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