Throwback Suburbia “Shot Glass Souvenir”

Its comforting to know that bands like Portland’s Throwback Suburbia “get it.” This third album builds on the band’s consistent sound and musical development. The opener “Give and Take” is an emotional hook-filled gem with a thrilling bridge and jangle filled rhythm. The signature sneering vocals of Jimi Evans and mastery of composition come forward on “Setting Sun.” On “Here Again” the band notes “history’s overrated” through its slow building power ballad.

No filler to be found as each track makes a strong melodic statement. On “Sinking Feeling” the gruff riffs recall Butch Walker and the 50’s styled piano ballad “Side Effects” provide a much needed break from the relentless guitar bounce. The slower groove of “Best Intentions” is another gem that offers some nice slide guitar with Evans best vocal performance. Even the last track “Neither Here Nor There” steps up with some nice group harmonies. It also pushs this album into my top ten for 2012; listen for yourself and see if you don’t agree.

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