David Paton “Under The Sun”

I would like to jump on my soapbox for a moment and say that for every “washed up” old rocker trying to extend the 15 minutes of fame (Bow Wow Wow) there are honest-to-God talented musicians who need to be heard again and fans who’ve missed them. Because the reunion isn’t a train wreck, they get little or no attention from the press and that’s a crime in my opinion. Thankfully a few oldies bands are still makin’ music I want to listen to (The Beach Boys, DB’s) and maybe we can find a few more. Okay, rant over.

Pilot was one of the best power pop bands in the 70’s era, lead by the #1 single “Magic.” Written and sung by David Paton, it’s an enduring classic and I’m happy to say Paton still has the goods when it comes to catchy singles. Under The Sun is a return to form, although Paton’s done great work with the Japanese power pop band Beagle Hat. Here it’s more adult oriented contemporary pop, and it starts out with the low key “Under The Sun” which sounds like Paul McCartney’s answer to Nilsson’s “Coconut.”  The minimal jazz of “I’m No Liar” and slick pop of “I Wanna Be With You” are okay, but feel formulaic. The real gems are “Don’t Touch Me” and the gorgeous melody of “All For You.” Like Sir Paul, David pours out his experiences with compelling melodies, like the world weary “Go Find Yourself.” The bonus tracks of Pilot’s “Magic” and “Just A Smile” are newly recorded and still sound fresh today. Overall a worthy addition to Paton (and Pilot’s) discography.