Steven Wright-Mark and Mark Crozer & The Rels

Steven Wright-Mark “My Plastic World”
Steven Wright-Mark sure loves the big riff. “I Wanna” and “On Your Turntable” is lead by dominant riffs that would be comfortable on a classic Matthew Sweet album. Especially sweet is the layered vocals of “Almost Summer” it echos of Cheap Trick and The Posies. “That Star” is a fuzzy guitar grower, about his dreams of pop star greatness. Steven’s vocal is eerily reminiscent of Eytan Mirsky in spots (“The End OF Another Year”) and the high energy rhythms and tempo start to wear on you by albums end. A slower, or mid tempo tune would have helped, but talent this good isn’t easily restrained so crank up the volume and enjoy it.

Mark Crozer and the Rels “Mark Crozer and the Rels”
Mark Crozer (Jesus & Mary Chain) has a new album for all you retro-pop lovers. In the 60’s all you needed was a fuzz riff and short hook to make it, and Crozer’s debut follows that blueprint with the pulsing groove of “War Drum.” Then “I Need A Vaccination” gives us a punk pop beat and a solid hook in the chorus. Mix the new wave guitar and tambourines in “Killed By Karma” and “Sunshine” is a gem with its sugar pop atmosphere. My favorite is “Brand New World” – it sounds like a lost Monkees single. However with all the sixties pop love here, it still has an 80’s heart  (“Put Those 80s Records On”) and with 14 tracks you are sure to find a favorite.